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The Full Moon in Cancer and Venus in Sagittarius

The Full Moon in Cancer and Venus in Sagittarius highlight 12-transits that we are covering during this post, which are listed below along with the dates they will be affecting us most strongly.

Gabriella and I also discuss these 12-transits in the podcast along with answering a question about our North Node placements, as well as what it means when there are no planets in a House in your Natal Chart.

I also covered the astrology for 2024, going month by month with the amazing psychic Dallisa Hocking, which you can view in the video below.

Lots of informative content on the current astrology and the astrology looking ahead. I hope it is all helpful to you in navigating your journey!

The Sun in Capricorn Sextile Saturn in Pisces - December 23 - 25

When the Sun transits through Capricorn, the Cardinal Earth Sign symbolized by the Goat and ruled by Saturn, and forms a Sextile with Saturn transiting through Pisces, the Mutable Water Sign symbolized by the Fish, it creates a harmonious aspect that blends the energies of discipline, structure, and practicality with sensitivity, intuition, and adaptability.

Balanced Discipline and Sensitivity: This aspect harmonizes the structured, disciplined energy of Capricorn with the empathetic, intuitive nature of Pisces. It brings a balance between hard work and emotional understanding.

Practical Realization of Dreams: The grounded nature of Capricorn helps in giving form to the more nebulous, dream-like qualities of Pisces. This is an ideal time for turning dreams and ideals into tangible realities.

Responsible Emotional Expression: The influence of Saturn in Pisces suggests a maturity in handling emotions. It encourages a responsible approach to emotional expression and sensitivity to others.

Enhanced Intuition in Practical Affairs: The Sextile aspect enables a smooth flow of energy, where your intuition (Pisces) can guide practical and professional matters (Capricorn) effectively.

Stability in Change: Pisces is about adaptability, and Capricorn is about stability. This transit offers a unique opportunity to bring stability to changing circumstances and to adapt constructively to new realities.

Embrace Practical Intuition: Trust your gut feelings, especially in practical matters. Your intuition can provide valuable guidance in decision-making.

Manifest Your Visions: Use this time to work on turning your dreams into reality. Whether it’s a creative project or a business plan, the energy supports making tangible steps towards realizing your visions.

Balance Hard Work with Compassion: While focusing on your ambitions, don't lose sight of the emotional and spiritual aspects of life. Allow for compassion in your interactions and decisions.

Cultivate Emotional Maturity: The energy of Saturn in Pisces helps in understanding and managing emotions more maturely. Practice empathy and emotional intelligence.

Steady Progress in Fluid Situations: Utilize the adaptable nature of Pisces and the steadfastness of Capricorn to navigate and progress in situations that are in flux.

Reflect on Responsibilities: Consider how your responsibilities impact your emotional well-being and that of others. Look for ways to fulfill your duties while maintaining emotional health.

Grounding Spiritual Practices: Engage in spiritual or meditative practices that also have a grounding effect. This will help in balancing the ethereal Piscean energy with the earthiness of Capricorn.

By effectively working with this energy, you can achieve a harmonious blend of practicality and sensitivity, allowing for both responsible achievement and empathetic understanding.

Mars in Sagittarius Trine the North Node Retrograde in Aries - December 23 - 27

When Mars, transiting through Sagittarius, the Mutable Fire Sign symbolized by the Archer, forms a Trine with the North Node transiting through Aries, the Cardinal Fire Sign symbolized by the Ram and ruled by Mars, it creates a highly energized and harmonious astrological aspect that encourages action, growth, and exploration.

Energized Action Towards Growth. Mars in Sagittarius brings a desire for adventure, exploration, and expanding horizons. The Trine to the North Node in Aries, a sign known for its initiative and courage, amplifies this energy, encouraging actions that align with personal growth and life path progression.

Pursuit of Higher Goals. Sagittarius is about higher learning, philosophy, and broadening one’s understanding. This transit is favorable for pursuits that expand your mind and experiences, such as travel, education, or exploring new philosophies.

Assertive Yet Positive Drive. The harmonious Trine aspect ensures that the assertiveness of Mars is expressed positively and constructively. It’s an excellent time for confidently pursuing goals without being overly aggressive.

Alignment with Life's Purpose. The North Node represents our karmic path and life’s purpose. This Trine aspect suggests that actions taken during this period are likely to be in harmony with your soul’s journey, leading to fulfilling experiences and growth.

Embrace New Experiences. Be open to stepping into the unknown. This could be a great time for travel, learning something new, or engaging in activities that broaden your perspective.

Take Initiative in Personal Growth. Use this energy to actively pursue your personal development goals. Whether it's starting a new course, embarking on a spiritual journey, or learning a new skill, the energy is right for beginning new ventures.

Align Actions with Your Purpose. Reflect on your life’s direction and take actions that align with your deeper goals and aspirations. Consider what truly makes you feel alive and pursue it.

Be Bold, But Not Reckless. While the energy is ripe for taking bold steps, ensure they are well-considered and not impulsive. Use the adventurous spirit of Sagittarius to explore options, and the assertive energy of Aries to take decisive action.

Express Yourself Authentically. Mars in Sagittarius encourages honest and open expression. Speak your truth and stand up for your beliefs.

Engage in Physical Activities. Both Sagittarius and Aries are signs that resonate with physical activity. Engaging in sports, outdoor adventures, or any form of physical exercise can be particularly beneficial and fulfilling during this transit.

Cultivate Optimism and Enthusiasm. The fiery energy of this Trine is naturally optimistic. Embrace a positive outlook, and let enthusiasm be your guide in your actions and decisions.

By utilizing this dynamic and fiery energy, you can make significant strides in your journey towards personal fulfillment and alignment with your life's path.

Venus in Scorpio Trine Neptune in Pisces - December 23 - 27 

When Venus transits through Scorpio, the Fixed Water Sign symbolized by the Scorpion, and forms a Trine with Neptune transiting through Pisces, the Mutable Water Sign symbolized by the Fish and ruled by Neptune, it creates a deeply emotional, intuitive, and romantic astrological aspect.

Depth of Emotions and Intimacy. Venus in Scorpio is intense, passionate, and desires deep connections. The Trine to Neptune in Pisces, a sign associated with sensitivity and intuition, enhances emotional depth, empathy, and understanding in relationships.

Romantic and Dreamy. This aspect fosters a romantic and idealistic view of love. It encourages a longing for soulful connections and may bring about deeply romantic experiences.

Enhanced Creativity and Imagination. Both Scorpio and Pisces are signs with strong creative energies. This Trine can heighten artistic abilities and inspire imaginative and beautiful expressions of creativity.

Spiritual and Emotional Insights. The intuitive nature of both signs, amplified by this aspect, can lead to profound spiritual and emotional insights. It's a great time for introspection and connecting with your inner self.

Compassion and Understanding. The energy of Neptune in Pisces brings a compassionate and empathetic quality to relationships. There’s an increased ability to connect with others on an emotional and spiritual level.

Deepen Emotional Connections. Embrace the opportunity to deepen your relationships. Share your feelings openly and allow yourself to be vulnerable.

Explore Creative Pursuits. Engage in artistic activities that resonate with your emotions. This could be an ideal time for writing, painting, music, or any form of creative expression that allows you to connect with your inner world.

Cultivate Compassion. Practice empathy and understanding in your interactions with others. This transit is conducive to healing relationships and connecting with others on a compassionate level.

Reflect and Meditate. Use this time for introspection and spiritual practices. Meditation, mindfulness, or any practice that helps you connect with your inner self can be particularly beneficial.

Embrace Romanticism. Allow yourself to indulge in the dreamy and romantic energy of this aspect. Whether you're in a relationship or single, it’s a time to appreciate the beauty of love and emotional connection.

Trust Your Intuition. Listen to your intuition, as it is likely to be heightened during this transit. Trust your gut feelings, especially in matters of the heart.

Seek Emotional Healing. Venus in Scorpio trine Neptune in Pisces offers a chance for deep emotional healing. Engage in activities or therapies that facilitate emotional release and healing.

By tapping into this sensitive, imaginative, and intuitive energy, you can experience profound emotional growth, deepen your connections with others, and explore your creative and spiritual depths.

The Sun in Capricorn Trine Jupiter Retrograde in Taurus - December 25 - 28

When the Sun transits through Capricorn, the Cardinal Earth Sign symbolized by the Goat, and forms a Trine with Jupiter retrograde in Taurus, the Fixed Earth Sign symbolized by the Bull, it creates a highly favorable and harmonious astrological aspect that blends the energies of discipline, ambition, and practicality with growth, abundance, and stability.

Practical Growth and Expansion. Capricorn's disciplined and goal-oriented energy harmonizes with Taurus's focus on stability and material security. This aspect supports growth in practical and tangible ways.

Opportunities for Material Success. Jupiter is the planet of luck and expansion. When it forms a Trine with the Sun, especially in earth signs, it often indicates opportunities for financial gain, career advancement, or other forms of material success.

Balanced Ambition. The Sun in Capricorn's ambition is tempered by Taurus's grounded nature, ensuring that aspirations are pursued in a balanced and sustainable way.

Reflection and Reassessment. With Jupiter in retrograde, this period is also about reflecting on your beliefs and values related to success, wealth, and stability. It's a time to reassess what growth and abundance mean to you.

Enhanced Confidence and Optimism. This Trine can instill a sense of confidence and optimism in your endeavors. The challenges usually feel more manageable, and your efforts can yield fruitful results.

Pursue Ambitious Goals Pragmatically. Use this time to work toward your goals in a disciplined and practical manner. Plan and execute with patience and persistence.

Explore Financial Opportunities. Be on the lookout for opportunities to improve your financial situation. This might include investments, real estate, or enhancing your skills for career growth.

Reflect on Your Values. Since Jupiter is retrograde, consider what true abundance means to you. Reflect on your relationship with material possessions and wealth.

Stay Grounded in Your Pursuits. Even as you aim high, keep your efforts grounded and realistic. Avoid overextending yourself.

Cultivate Gratitude and Generosity. Embrace a spirit of gratitude for what you have and generosity towards others. Jupiter’s energy supports sharing and giving back.

Take Advantage of Learning Opportunities. Jupiter loves learning. Engage in educational pursuits, especially those that can have practical applications in your life and career.

Practice Patience and Persistence. The energy of both Capricorn and Taurus favors a slow and steady approach. Patience and persistence are key to making the most of this transit.

By utilizing this energy wisely, you can make significant strides in your material and professional life, grounding your ambitions in practical actions and taking advantage of the expansive energy Jupiter offers, even while it is in retrograde.

The Full Moon in Cancer - December 26 at 4:33 pm Pacific Time

When the Moon is Full in Cancer, the Cardinal Water Sign symbolized by the Crab, and forms a Trine with Saturn in Pisces, the Mutable Water Sign symbolized by the Fish, while also forming a Sextile with Jupiter retrograde in Taurus, the Fixed Earth Sign symbolized by the Bull, it creates a unique and harmonious celestial configuration that can be both nurturing and grounding.

The Full Moon in Cancer creates an opening for you to release whatever energies you have cultivated in your past, roots, upbringing, or home life that is preventing you from living a life of freedom and adventure. Once you have released these burdens from the past, your load will be lighter and you will be able to ascend more freely toward your goals.

Emotional Depth and Stability. The Full Moon in Cancer brings heightened emotions and intuition. The Trine with Saturn in Pisces adds an element of emotional maturity, stability, and depth, making it a time for serious emotional reflection and understanding.

Compassionate Realism. Saturn in Pisces emphasizes empathy and compassion, blending well with the nurturing energy of Cancer. This combination supports a realistic yet sensitive approach to emotional and personal matters.

Opportunities for Growth. The Sextile with Jupiter retrograde in Taurus suggests opportunities for growth, particularly in material or physical realms. However, with Jupiter being retrograde, this growth might come from internal reassessment or revisiting past opportunities.

Balanced Emotional Expression. The Full Moon encourages expression of feelings, and the harmonious aspects to Saturn and Jupiter provide a balanced and grounded way to do so. Emotions can be expressed in a way that is both realistic and optimistic.

Reflect on Emotional Needs. Utilize the introspective energy of the Full Moon in Cancer to reflect on your emotional needs and how you nurture yourself and others.

Seek Emotional Balance. The influence of Saturn encourages emotional steadiness. Seek ways to balance your emotional life, possibly through mindfulness, meditation, or connecting deeply with loved ones.

Embrace Growth and Learning. The Sextile to Jupiter, even in retrograde, opens doors to learning and expanding, particularly in areas related to finance, comfort, and security. Reflect on what you value and how your beliefs and attitudes towards material possessions have evolved.

Practice Compassion and Empathy. Saturn in Pisces promotes a compassionate outlook. Extend understanding and empathy to others, recognizing that everyone is dealing with their own emotional depths.

Focus on Security and Stability. The Taurus influence encourages a focus on security, whether it’s financial, physical, or emotional. Consider practical steps you can take to enhance your sense of security.

Nurture Relationships. Cancer’s energy is all about care and connection. Spend quality time with family or close friends, and nurture the relationships that provide emotional support.

Ground Your Emotions. Engage in activities that help ground you when emotions run high. This could be nature walks, gardening, cooking, or any other earthy, tactile activity that brings a sense of calm and groundedness.

By aligning with this astrological energy, you can find a balance between attending to your emotional world and nurturing your practical needs, leading to a sense of overall well-being and growth.

Chiron Direct in Aries - December 26 

When Chiron stations Direct in Aries, the Cardinal Fire Sign symbolized by the Ram, it marks a significant phase in astrology concerning healing, particularly in areas related to the self, identity, and assertiveness.

Chiron, often referred to as the "wounded healer," represents our deepest wounds and challenges, as well as our ability to heal ourselves and others. It highlights areas where we might feel vulnerable or insecure but also where we have the potential for great growth and healing.

Chiron transited into its retrograde shadow at 15°27’ in Aries on March 29, 2023.


Chiron began its retrograde transit at 19°57’ in Aries on July 23, 2023.


Chiron is in the same place today as it was on June 1, 2022, September 6, 2022 (retrograde), March 29, 2023, and December 26, 2023.


Chiron was at 15° in Aries from May 20 – June 27, 2022, August 20 – September 18, 2022, March 21 – April 7, 2023, and November 21, 2023 – January 30, 2024.

Chiron transits out of its retrograde shadow at 19°57’ in Aries on April 17, 2024.

Look at your astrological code. What key points or planets are at 15° in Fire Signs (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius), Air Signs, (Libra, Aquarius, Gemini), or Cardinal Signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn)? This indicates where you are or may have been experiencing a deepening of your wound, in order to receive awareness of the wound, so you can heal the wound. If you are unsure, or would like greater clarity on this, schedule a reading with me, and I will give you the perspective you are searching for. 

Focus on Self-Healing. Aries, as the first sign of the zodiac, is associated with self, identity, and individuality. Chiron’s direct motion in Aries brings attention to healing issues related to self-esteem, assertiveness, and our approach to initiating new ventures.

Overcoming Personal Challenges. This period encourages confronting personal challenges head-on, especially those that have been hindering self-growth or self-expression.

Learning to Assert Oneself. Chiron in Aries directs focus on how we assert ourselves and our needs. It's a time to learn about setting healthy boundaries, being assertive without being aggressive, and standing up for ourselves in a healing way.

Embracing One's True Self. This transit provides an opportunity to embrace and accept your true identity, with all its strengths and vulnerabilities. It's a period for authenticity and self-acceptance.

Self-Reflection. Engage in activities that foster self-awareness. Journaling, therapy, or introspective practices like meditation can be beneficial.

Addressing Past Wounds. This is a good time to heal past wounds related to your sense of self and identity. This might involve revisiting old issues with a new perspective.

Assertive Communication. Practice expressing your needs and desires in clear, assertive ways. Work on finding a balance between respecting others and honoring your own needs.

Taking Initiative. Aries energy is about taking action. Chiron’s direct motion here encourages you to take the lead in your healing journey, possibly trying new methods or approaches.

Empowering Self-Acceptance. Embrace your unique qualities, including acknowledging your vulnerabilities as strengths. This acceptance can be profoundly healing.

Courage to Face Challenges. Aries inspires courage and boldness. Use this energy to face challenges that may have been too daunting before, especially those that impede your personal growth.

Supporting Others. As you learn and grow through your own healing, you may find opportunities to support and guide others facing similar challenges.

Chiron’s direct phase in Aries offers a powerful period for personal healing and growth, particularly related to issues of self-identity, assertiveness, and personal courage. By embracing the lessons this transit offers, you can make significant strides in overcoming personal challenges and finding greater wholeness and authenticity in your sense of self.

Mercury Retrograde in Sagittarius Square Neptune in Pisces - December 26 - 28

When Mercury is retrograde in Sagittarius, the Mutable Fire Sign symbolized by the Archer, and forms a Square with Neptune in Pisces, the Mutable Water Sign symbolized by the Fish and ruled by Neptune, it creates a challenging yet potentially enlightening astrological aspect. This combination can bring about a period of confusion and miscommunication but also offers opportunities for deep introspection and creative inspiration.

Communication Challenges. Mercury governs communication, and when it's retrograde, misunderstandings are more likely. The Square to Neptune, a planet associated with illusion and confusion, can further blur clarity in conversations and thought processes.

Difficulties in Logical Thinking. Sagittarius seeks truth, but Neptune in Pisces can cloud judgment and make it difficult to distinguish between what's real and what's not. Logical thinking may be challenged during this transit.

Heightened Imagination and Intuition. While logical thinking might suffer, this aspect enhances imagination and intuition. Creative thinking and artistic pursuits can benefit from this energy.

Revisiting Beliefs and Ideals. Mercury retrograde in Sagittarius prompts reevaluation of beliefs and philosophies. The influence of Neptune may encourage questioning of spiritual and moral values, leading to significant internal shifts.

Sensitivity to Misinformation. There's a heightened risk of being misled or misunderstanding situations. Be cautious of deceit or getting caught up in unrealistic ideas.

Double-Check Information.With the potential for misinformation, it's important to verify facts, especially before making important decisions or sharing information with others.

Embrace Creative Expression. Utilize this time to engage in creative activities. Writing, painting, or any artistic endeavor can be a fruitful outlet for the imaginative energy of this aspect.

Practice Mindfulness. Meditation and mindfulness can help navigate through the foggy energy of this transit. They can provide clarity and calm amidst confusion.

Reflect on Spiritual Beliefs. Use this period for spiritual introspection. Exploring your beliefs in a reflective, rather than dogmatic, way can lead to profound insights.

Be Flexible in Your Thinking. Allow yourself to explore ideas without rigidly adhering to preconceived notions. This transit can open up new ways of seeing the world.

Guard Against Deception. Be aware of the potential for self-deception or being deceived by others. Strive for honesty in all your communications.

Cultivate Patience. Misunderstandings and confusion can be frustrating. Patience and a non-judgmental attitude can help navigate this period more smoothly.

While challenging, this aspect between Mercury retrograde in Sagittarius and Neptune in Pisces offers a unique opportunity for creative and spiritual growth, urging you to delve into the realms of intuition and imagination while staying anchored in reality.

Mercury Retrograde Conjunct Mars in Sagittarius

Mercury Retrograde Conjunct Mars in Sagittarius - December 27 - 28

When Mercury retrograde forms a conjunction with Mars in Sagittarius, the Mutable Fire Sign symbolized by the Archer, it creates a dynamic and potentially volatile astrological aspect that calls for careful navigation.

Intensified Communication. Mercury governs communication, thought processes, and travel, while Mars represents action, aggression, and drive. Their conjunction, especially in the expansive sign of Sagittarius, can lead to an increase in assertive or even aggressive communication.

Impulsiveness in Thinking and Speaking. Mars can add a level of impulsivity to Mercury’s already reflective retrograde phase. You might find yourself or others speaking without thinking, leading to potential misunderstandings or conflicts.

Revisiting and Acting on Past Ideas. Mercury retrograde is a time for revisiting past ideas and projects. The presence of Mars could spur you into action regarding these revisited ideas, but caution is needed to ensure these actions are well thought out.

Passionate Expression of Beliefs. Sagittarius is a sign associated with beliefs, philosophies, and higher learning. This conjunction may intensify discussions or debates around these themes, sometimes leading to heated exchanges.

Potential for Hasty Decisions. The combination of Mercury's analytical nature with Mars's impulsivity can lead to making hasty or unconsidered decisions. It's important to slow down and think things through.

Think Before You Speak. Given the potential for misunderstandings and conflicts, take extra time to think through your words before expressing them.

Channel Energy Constructively. Use the dynamic energy of this conjunction to revisit and actively work on projects or ideas from the past. Channeling this energy into productive activities can be beneficial.

Exercise Patience. With the impulsiveness of Mars combined with the reflective nature of Mercury retrograde, patience is key. Avoid rushing into decisions or actions without proper consideration.

Manage Frustrations. Mercury retrograde can bring delays and obstacles, and Mars can add to frustration. Find healthy outlets for any pent-up energy or frustration, such as physical exercise or engaging in a hobby.

Mindful Debates. While engaging in debates or discussions, especially about beliefs or philosophies, strive to be mindful and respectful. Remember that others’ views are just as valid as your own.

Reflect on Your Communication Style. Use this time to reflect on how you assert yourself in conversations. Are you too aggressive, or do you need to be more assertive?

Avoid Rash Actions. Be particularly cautious about making significant changes or decisions during this period. If possible, wait until Mercury goes direct to take major actions.

Navigating this conjunction involves balancing the assertive energy of Mars with the reflective nature of Mercury retrograde. By doing so, you can harness this energy to revisit and act on past ideas constructively while maintaining harmonious communication with those around you.

Mars in Sagittarius Square Neptune in Pisces - December 27 - 30

When Mars transits through Sagittarius, the Mutable Fire Sign symbolized by the Archer, and forms a Square with Neptune in Pisces, the Mutable Water Sign symbolized by the Fish and ruled by Neptune, it creates a challenging astrological aspect that blends the fiery, direct energy of Mars with the nebulous, elusive energy of Neptune.

Action vs. Illusion. Mars in Sagittarius is all about direct action, exploration, and expanding horizons. When squared with Neptune in Pisces, there can be a tension between the desire to act and the tendency to be misled or distracted by illusions or unrealistic ideals.

Misdirected Energy. Mars is about assertiveness and drive, but the square to Neptune can lead to confusion about where to direct this energy. Actions may be based on misunderstandings or false perceptions.

Motivation and Inspiration. This aspect can sometimes sap motivation, or conversely, inspire action based on idealism or fantasy. Discernment between realistic goals and impractical dreams becomes crucial.

Spiritual or Creative Pursuits. Neptune's influence can channel Mars' energy into spiritual, artistic, or creative channels. However, there’s a risk of losing focus or being impractical about these pursuits.

Exercise Caution in Decision-Making. With the potential for deception or confusion, it's important to be extra cautious before making decisions, especially those involving significant changes or new ventures.

Stay Grounded. Find ways to stay grounded and centered. Practices like meditation, spending time in nature, or engaging in physical activities can help maintain clarity.

Channel Creativity. Use this energy for creative or artistic expression. The imaginative power of Neptune can inspire, while the dynamic energy of Mars can motivate you to create.

Be Flexible but Discerning. While it’s important to be open to new ideas and inspirations, maintain a level of discernment to avoid getting carried away by unrealistic or impractical dreams.

Reflect on Your Actions. Before taking action, especially if it’s based on strong beliefs or ideals, take time to reflect. Are these actions aligned with your true goals and reality?

Focus on Spiritual Growth. This aspect can be excellent for spiritual exploration and growth. However, ensure that these pursuits are grounded in a way that positively impacts your everyday life.

Manage Frustrations. Mars square Neptune can sometimes lead to feelings of disillusionment or frustration. Acknowledge these feelings but look for constructive ways to address them.

Navigating this Mars-Neptune square involves balancing the urge for action with the need for clear understanding and realistic expectations. It's a time for being cautiously optimistic, creatively inspired, and spiritually aware.

Venus in Scorpio Sextile Pluto in Capricorn - December 28 - 29

When Venus transits through Scorpio, the Fixed Water Sign symbolized by the Scorpion, and forms a Sextile with Pluto in Capricorn, the Cardinal Earth Sign symbolized by the Goat, it creates a powerful and transformative astrological aspect. This combination brings together the energies of deep emotional intensity and transformation (Venus in Scorpio) with the themes of power, regeneration, and structural change (Pluto in Capricorn).

Deep Emotional Connections. Venus in Scorpio seeks profound and intense emotional experiences. The Sextile with Pluto intensifies this need, emphasizing deep, transformative relationships.

Transformation in Relationships. This aspect can bring about significant changes in personal relationships. It's an opportune time for healing and transforming relationship dynamics.

Intensity in Desires and Attractions. Venus in Scorpio already has a strong desire nature, and when sextiled by Pluto, these desires become even more potent and compelling.

Empowerment in Love and Finances. Pluto's influence can bring empowerment, helping to assert your needs and desires in relationships and financial matters.

Magnetic Attraction. There’s an increase in charisma and allure, making this a good time for attracting and deepening connections.

Embrace Emotional Depth. Be open to exploring deeper emotional waters in your relationships. This is a time for honest and transformative emotional exchanges.

Pursue Authentic Connections. Look for relationships that offer authenticity and intensity. Surface-level interactions are less satisfying under this transit.

Be Open to Transformation. If there are areas in your relationships or financial matters that need change, now is a good time to initiate these transformations.

Practice Empowerment. Assert your needs and desires in a balanced way. Venus sextile Pluto offers a supportive environment for empowering yourself, especially in love and finances.

Explore Your Shadow Side. This transit is conducive to delving into the deeper aspects of your psyche, uncovering hidden desires, and confronting any suppressed emotional issues.

Use Charisma Wisely. Your increased magnetic allure can be used positively to strengthen bonds, but be mindful of its potent effect on others.

Financial Intuition. Trust your instincts in financial matters. This aspect can provide intuitive insights into making beneficial financial decisions, especially those involving investments or joint finances.

Venus sextile Pluto offers an opportunity for deep, meaningful growth in personal relationships and financial matters, urging you to connect on a profound level and embrace the transformative power of these experiences.

Venus in Sagittarius

Venus in Sagittarius - December 29, 2023 - January 23, 2024

When Venus transits through Sagittarius, the Mutable Fire Sign symbolized by the Archer, it brings an energy that is adventurous, expansive, and enthusiastic in matters of love, relationships, and aesthetics.

Love of Freedom. Venus in Sagittarius fosters a love for freedom and exploration in relationships. This can manifest as a desire for new experiences, a reluctance to be tied down, or an interest in partners who share a sense of adventure and exploration.

Enthusiastic Expressions of Affection. Affections are expressed openly, honestly, and with great enthusiasm. There's a tendency towards being straightforward and direct in love, valuing honesty over subtlety.

Attraction to Different Cultures and Philosophies. This placement often indicates an attraction to people from different backgrounds or cultures, or those who offer a different perspective on life.

Adventurous Social Life. Social activities tend to be lively, spontaneous, and varied. There’s an enjoyment of meeting new people and engaging in diverse social experiences.

Philosophical or Spiritual Connection. Venus in Sagittarius looks for connections that are not just physical or emotional, but also intellectual and spiritual. Conversations about beliefs, philosophies, and life’s big questions can be particularly appealing.

Embrace Adventure in Relationships. Be open to exploring new activities with your partner or meeting new people if you are single. This is an excellent time for travel or trying out new hobbies together.

Enjoy the Social Scene. Engage in social activities, especially those that allow you to meet people from different walks of life or involve learning new things.

Be Honest and Direct. Value honesty in your communications. This transit supports being open and direct about your feelings and desires.

Expand Your Horizons. Explore new ideas, philosophies, and perhaps even spiritual beliefs. This can be through reading, attending workshops, or engaging in discussions with others.

Seek Intellectual and Spiritual Connections. Look for connections that go beyond the physical – those that stimulate your mind and spirit.

Balance Need for Freedom with Commitment. While enjoying your freedom, be mindful of the needs and feelings of your partner, especially if they value more stability and security.

Creative and Philosophical Expression. Express your creativity in ways that reflect your beliefs or explore philosophical themes. This might be through writing, art, or engaging in debates.

Venus in Sagittarius encourages a joyful exploration of love and relationships, urging an open-minded approach to how you connect with others and experience beauty and pleasure in your life.

The last two transits of Venus in Sagittarius occurred between November 15 – December 9, 2022 and October 7 – November 5, 2021. Think back to what was occurring in your relationships during these dates for clues on what could be in store for you this time around. 

For those born with key astrological points or planets in Virgo or Pisces, be mindful of challenges in your relationships during this period of time. If you are curious to learn more about what this transit could mean for you, schedule a reading with me.

Jupiter Direct in Taurus - December 30 

When Jupiter stations Direct in Taurus, the Fixed Earth Sign symbolized by the Bull, it marks a significant shift in the energy of expansion, growth, and abundance, particularly in areas related to stability, material possessions, and sensual pleasures.

Jupiter transited into its retrograde shadow at 5°34’ in Taurus on June 11, 2023.


Jupiter began its retrograde transit at 15°34’ in Taurus on September 4, 2023.


Jupiter is in the same place today as it was on June 11, 2023.


Jupiter was at 5° in Taurus from June 8 – 13, 2023, and December 15, 2023 – January 15, 2024.

Jupiter transits out of its retrograde shadow at 15°34’ in Taurus on Mar 23, 2024.

Look at your astrological code. What key points or planets between 5° and 15° in Earth Signs (Capricorn, Taurus, Virgo), Water Signs, (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces), or Fixed Signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius)? This indicates where you are or may have been experiencing an expanded awareness of your self-worth, or what you value. If you are unsure, or would like greater clarity on this, schedule a reading with me, and I will give you the perspective you are searching for. 

Growth in Material Matters. Jupiter is the planet of expansion and abundance, and in Taurus, this expansion is often expressed in tangible, material forms. As it stations Direct, expect progress and forward momentum in financial and material matters.

Enhanced Appreciation for Comfort and Pleasure. Taurus enjoys the finer things in life. With Jupiter moving Direct in this Sign, there can be a heightened appreciation for comfort, luxury, and sensory pleasures.

Stability and Security. Taurus values stability and security, particularly in financial terms. Jupiter's direct motion can bring opportunities to enhance your sense of security, possibly through wise investments, property matters, or other long-term financial planning.

Practical Optimism. Jupiter in Taurus combines the planet’s natural optimism with Taurus's practicality. This period may inspire a grounded yet positive outlook, especially in areas related to resources and finances.

Patience Pays Off. Taurus is known for its slow and steady approach. With Jupiter direct, long-term projects or investments that required patience may start to show positive results.

Focus on Financial Growth. This is a favorable time to look at your financial situation and make plans for growth. Consider long-term investments, savings, and ways to increase your wealth.

Enjoy Life’s Pleasures. Embrace Taurus’s love for comfort and luxury. Allow yourself to enjoy life’s physical pleasures, whether it’s through good food, nature, or surrounding yourself with beautiful things.

Cultivate Patience and Persistence. Taurus energy rewards patience. Continue to work steadily towards your goals, knowing that your efforts will likely pay off.

Ground Your Dreams in Reality. Use Taurus’s practicality to ground your aspirations. Make realistic plans and take tangible steps towards achieving your dreams.

Nurture What You Value. Focus on what brings you a sense of value and security, and invest your energy into nurturing these areas.

Embrace a Spirit of Gratitude. Jupiter's influence encourages a sense of abundance. Cultivate gratitude for what you have, as this mindset can attract even more abundance into your life.

Connect with Nature. Taurus is an earth sign, so spending time in nature can be particularly fulfilling and grounding during this period.

With Jupiter stationing Direct in Taurus, it's an opportune time to build upon and solidify the foundations in your life, especially those related to material resources, while also enjoying and appreciating the abundance that surrounds you.

I hope this information is helpful for you in navigating the days ahead. If you are curious to learn how these, or any other transits are affecting you directly and how to best work with the energy, schedule a reading with me.

Wishing you all the best, as you ride the planetary waves.




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