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The Winter Solstice and the Sun in Capricorn

Today, December 21, is the shortest day of the year (in the Northern Hemisphere), the Winter Solstice and the Sun in Capricorn. 

This is the day that the Sun (the planet of light, life and vitality) begins its transits through the Cardinal Earth Sign, symbolized by the Goat and ruled by Saturn (the God of Wealth & Time) Saturn. 

We are at the bottom of the mountain. Deep in the valley. Every day from here until June 21, 2024 gets a little bit longer, a little bit brighter.

What are you working to ascend to?

What is worth your time?

Gabriella and I get into the nuances of the Sun’s transit into Capricorn and all the other major transits for the week.

In this post we will be highlighting six transits which will be impacting us over the dates listed below.

I also covered the astrology for 2024, going month by month with the amazing psychic Dallisa Hocking, which you can view in the video below.

Lots of informative content on the current astrology and the astrology looking ahead. I hope it is all helpful to you in navigating your journey!

Venus in Scorpio Opposite Uranus Retrograde in Taurus - December 18 - 22

When Venus transits through Scorpio, the Fixed Water Sign symbolized by the Scorpion, it delves into the realm of intense emotions and deep desires. 

Scorpio's energy is all about transformation, probing into the mysteries, and exploring the depths of relationships and emotions. 

Venus, the Goddess of love & beauty, the planet of values, becomes more passionate, intense, and committed in this position. Relationships may take on a more serious tone, with a focus on emotional depth, intimacy, and the unEarthing of hidden truths. 

This is a time when superficial interactions lose their appeal, and there's a strong drive for authentic connections.

Opposing this transit is Uranus in Taurus, the Fixed Earth Sign symbolized by the Bull. 

Uranus is the planet of sudden change, innovation, and rebellion. In Taurus, these energies are directed towards material matters, stability, and comfort. 

The opposition between Venus in Scorpio and Uranus in Taurus creates a dynamic tension. On one side, there's a deepening of emotional and intimate bonds, while on the other, there's a push towards freedom, independence, and perhaps even disruption in the areas of finance, resources, and values.

Working with this energy requires a balance between depth and change. It's a time to be open to transforming your relationships and values, but also to be prepared for unexpected shifts in your material world. 

Embrace the depth and intensity of feelings, but also stay flexible and adaptable to changes in your personal finances or resources. 

This transit can bring about unexpected insights into your relationships and values, and it's an opportunity to let go of what no longer serves you, making room for new and more authentic ways of connecting and being. 

Balancing the deep, transformative waters of Scorpio with the Earthy, changeable nature of Taurus is key during this transit. What that means is, do what you can to be practical in areas of passion. 

Mercury Retrograde in Capricorn Trine Saturn in Pisces - December 19 - 22

When Mercury retrogrades through Capricorn, the Cardinal Earth Sign symbolized by the Goat, and forms a Sextile with Saturn transiting in Pisces, the Mutable Water Sign symbolized by the Fish, it creates a unique astrological dynamic that combines the energies of reflection, structure, and emotional depth.

Mercury's retrograde in Capricorn prompts a period of rethinking and reassessing particularly in areas related to career, long-term goals, and structures. Capricorn's influence brings a serious, disciplined, and practical tone to Mercury's typically swift and communicative nature. During this phase, you might find yourself revisiting past decisions, refining plans, or encountering delays in communication and travel that require patience and careful navigation.

The Sextile with Saturn in Pisces adds another layer to this period. Saturn, the planet of discipline, responsibility, and structure, feels at home in the productive sign of Capricorn, and its presence in Pisces brings a more compassionate, intuitive, and adaptable approach. Pisces’ energy softens Saturn's rigidity, encouraging a more empathetic and flexible approach to challenges.

This combination of energies means:

You have an opportunity to blend practicality with intuition. Mercury in Capricorn’s structured thinking harmonizes with Saturn in Pisces’ intuitive and empathetic approach, allowing for a balanced perspective.

It's a favorable time for methodical thinking and planning, especially in areas that require both logical and creative solutions.

Communication may become more reflective and thoughtful, with a focus on understanding the deeper meaning and implications of your words and ideas.

There is potential for turning reflective insights into concrete plans, as the disciplined nature of Capricorn and the structured approach of Saturn support the manifestation of ideas into reality.

To work effectively with this energy:

Use this period for thoughtful planning and reflection. Revisit and refine your goals, especially those related to your career and long-term aspirations.

Stay open to intuitive insights and incorporate them into your practical plans.

Exercise patience in communication, as the retrograde period can bring misunderstandings or delays. Use this time to clarify and deepen your understanding.

Embrace the combination of discipline and adaptability. Be prepared to make adjustments to your plans while maintaining a clear focus on your objectives.

Consider how your personal and professional goals align with your deeper emotional and spiritual values, as Saturn in Pisces encourages a harmonious balance between the two.

By understanding and aligning with these astrological influences, you can navigate this period with a balanced approach, effectively integrating practicality with intuition and emotional depth.

The Sun in Capricorn - December 21, 2023 - January 20, 2024

When the Sun transits through Capricorn, the Cardinal Earth Sign symbolized by the Goat, it signals a time to embrace qualities such as discipline, responsibility, and ambition. Capricorn is known for its practicality, structure, and hardworking nature, and these themes become prominent during this period.

Here's what it means and how best to work with the energy:

Meaning of Sun in Capricorn:

Focus on Goals and Ambitions: Capricorn season is ideal for setting long-term goals and working diligently towards them. It's a time to be clear about your aspirations and the steps needed to achieve them.

Emphasis on Structure and Discipline: This transit encourages structured approaches and disciplined efforts. It's a period where organization and planning are beneficial and likely to yield better results.

Professional and Career Development: Capricorn has a strong association with professional life and status. This is a good time to focus on career development, seek new responsibilities, or work on professional projects.

Practicality and Realism: The influence of Capricorn brings a grounded and realistic perspective. Decisions and actions are often driven by practical considerations during this time.

Resilience and Perseverance: Capricorn’s energy supports endurance and resilience. Challenges or obstacles can be met with a steadfast approach.

Working with the Energy:

Set Realistic Goals: Take advantage of this time to set achievable, practical goals. Break down bigger objectives into smaller, manageable steps.

Establish Routines: Implementing structured routines can help in achieving your goals. Consistency is key during this period.

Focus on Career and Responsibilities: Evaluate your career path and professional responsibilities. It's an opportune time to take on new projects or to show leadership in your work.

Exercise Patience and Discipline: Capricorn energy is about the long haul. Be patient with your progress and disciplined in your efforts.

Stay Grounded: Make decisions based on what is realistic and pragmatic. This is not typically a time for impulsive actions but rather for thoughtful and calculated moves.

Embrace Challenges as Opportunities for Growth: If you encounter obstacles, use Capricorn’s resilience to persevere. Challenges during this time can be opportunities for personal and professional growth.

Reflect on Achievements and Lessons Learned: Acknowledge your achievements and the lessons you’ve learned, especially in your professional life. This can provide valuable insights for future endeavors.

By aligning with the energy of Capricorn, you can make significant progress in your personal and professional life, building a solid foundation for future success.

If you would like to receive a deeper understanding of how the Sun in Capricorn will be affecting you more deeply, schedule a reading with me.

The Sun Conjunct Mercury Retrograde in Capricorn - December 21 - 23

When Mercury retrogrades through Capricorn and forms a Conjunction with the Sun in Capricorn, it brings a unique and potent energy to the forefront in the realm of astrology. 

This celestial event combines the characteristics of Mercury, the planet of communication, with the qualities of Capricorn, an Earth Sign known for its practicality, ambition, and disciplined nature.

Mercury retrograde periods are often associated with miscommunications, delays, and a need for introspection. However, when this retrograde occurs in Capricorn and aligns with the Sun, there is a focus on the following aspects:

Practical Reflection: This alignment encourages you to take a practical and realistic look at your goals, ambitions, and long-term plans. It's a time for introspection and reassessment of your career path, responsibilities, and how you're achieving your ambitions.

Clear Communication: While Mercury retrograde can bring communication challenges, the conjunction with the Sun in Capricorn can help you express your thoughts and ideas with clarity and authority. It's an opportunity to communicate your ambitions and objectives effectively.

Revisiting Goals: This period is ideal for revisiting your professional goals and considering whether adjustments are needed. It's a chance to refine your strategies and make necessary changes to achieve your objectives.

Structure and Organization: Capricorn is associated with structure and organization. During this time, you may find it beneficial to reorganize your work, set realistic schedules, and establish a more solid foundation for your plans.

Balancing Responsibility: Capricorn energy can make you acutely aware of your responsibilities and obligations. It's important to strike a balance between your personal and professional life, ensuring that you're not overburdened by duties.

Self-Reflection: The conjunction with the Sun highlights self-awareness and self-expression. Use this time for self-reflection on your identity and how it aligns with your career and life path.

To work with the energy of Mercury retrograde in Capricorn and its conjunction with the Sun:

Embrace the need for reflection and introspection in your career and life ambitions.

Be patient with any communication challenges that may arise, and take the time to clarify your messages.

Reevaluate your long-term goals and make adjustments if necessary.

Focus on practicality, organization, and structured planning.

Use this time to express your ambitions and assert your authority in a respectful manner.

Remember that this period is an opportunity for growth, learning, and enhancing your professional life.

By approaching this celestial alignment with a balanced and reflective mindset, you can make the most of the energies at play and navigate any challenges with wisdom and insight.

Mercury Retrogrades in Sagittarius - December 22, 2023 - January 13, 2024

When Mercury retrogrades back from 29° to 22° of Sagittarius, the Mutable Fire Sign symbolized by the Archer, it signifies a period of reflection and reevaluation particularly in areas governed by Sagittarian themes such as beliefs, higher learning, long-distance travel, and the quest for truth and wisdom.

Sagittarius, being a sign associated with expansion, exploration, and the pursuit of knowledge, influences Mercury's retrograde phase in specific ways:

Revisiting Beliefs and Opinions: This period encourages a reassessment of your personal philosophies, beliefs, and opinions. It's an opportunity to question what you think you know and open yourself up to new perspectives or modify your existing viewpoints.

Communication and Learning: Mercury in Sagittarius retrograde might lead to misunderstandings or miscommunications, particularly in matters related to education, publishing, or international affairs. It's important to be extra clear in your communication and to be open to learning from any missteps.

Travel Plans: Sagittarius also governs long-distance travel, so there may be delays or changes in travel plans. Double-check reservations and be flexible with your travel arrangements.

Legal Matters: With Sagittarius's association with law and ethics, legal matters might require extra attention. It's a good time to review and revisit legal documents or contracts.

To work effectively with the energy of Mercury retrograding in Sagittarius:

Embrace Flexibility: Be prepared for plans, especially travel or educational pursuits, to shift. Flexibility and adaptability are key during this period.

Reflect on Your Path: Use this time to consider whether your current direction aligns with your deeper truths and philosophies. It's an opportune moment for introspection and reassessment of your life's direction.

Careful Communication: With the potential for misunderstandings, it's crucial to communicate as clearly and honestly as possible. Listen carefully to others and try to avoid making assumptions.

Patience in Learning: If you're engaged in learning or teaching, be patient with yourself and others. It might not be the best time to make significant educational decisions, but it is an excellent time to revisit and review past material.

Reconnect with Your Inner Wisdom: Sagittarius seeks higher knowledge and wisdom. This retrograde might bring insights from within, encouraging you to connect with your inner guide.

Mindfulness in Legal and Ethical Matters: Review any legal issues or ethical dilemmas you're facing, ensuring that everything is in order and reconsidering any areas that might be problematic.

Remember, Mercury retrograde periods, while often challenging, offer valuable opportunities for revisiting and refining our thoughts and plans, making them ultimately more aligned with our true intentions and goals.

Think about what was occurring in your life between November 25 - December 1. It was during this period that Mercury transited from 22° - 29° in Sagittarius. 

From now until January 1, Mercury will transit from 29° - 22° in Sagittarius, and then from January 1 - 13, Mercury will transit from 22° - 29° in Sagittarius. 

Therefore, we are now in the midst of the second of three times Mercury will be transiting through this same portion of the sky. 

Raise the awareness of your mind and how you are communicating during this period to notice any similarities, or patterns you can rework or reshape.

Mars in Sagittarius Trine the North Node Retrograde in Aries - December 23 - 27

When Mars transits through Sagittarius, the Mutable Fire Sign symbolized by the Archer, and forms a Trine with the North Node transiting through Aries, the Cardinal Fire Sign symbolized by the Ram and ruled by Mars, it creates a harmonious and dynamic astrological aspect that can be both energizing and transformative.

Mars in Sagittarius brings an adventurous, enthusiastic, and explorative energy. This placement encourages action that is driven by one’s beliefs, desire for growth, and the quest for knowledge. Sagittarius is a sign that seeks understanding through experience, so Mars here propels us towards new adventures, learning, and expanding our horizons.

The North Node in Aries represents a collective path towards assertiveness, independence, and courage. It's about embracing new beginnings, taking the initiative, and leading with confidence. The North Node’s placement here emphasizes personal development and discovering one's true path.

The Trine aspect is an angle of 120 degrees between two points in the zodiac, representing an easy flow of energy and opportunity. When Mars forms a Trine with the North Node:

Action Aligned with Growth: This aspect supports actions that are in harmony with personal growth and your life's path. It's an excellent time to take bold steps towards your goals.

Boost in Confidence: Mars in Sagittarius energized by a Trine to the North Node in Aries can provide a significant boost in confidence, fueling your drive to pursue new experiences and assert yourself in various situations.

Opportunities for Adventure: The energy of this transit is adventurous and expansive. It's favorable for travel, exploration, and embracing new ideas or philosophies.

Learning Through Experience: There's an emphasis on gaining wisdom through direct experience. This could be through physical activities, travel, or engaging in debates or philosophical discussions.

Balanced Assertiveness: The Trine allows for assertiveness that is well-balanced, not overly aggressive. It’s about standing up for your beliefs in a way that is constructive and respectful.

To work effectively with this energy:

Embrace New Experiences: Be open to stepping out of your comfort zone. This is an excellent time for travel, learning, and exploring new ideas.

Take Initiative: Feel empowered to take the lead in projects or personal goals. This is a time when your actions can align well with your life’s purpose.

Balance Enthusiasm with Wisdom: While it’s important to pursue your passions, also consider the wisdom you’ve gained from past experiences to guide your decisions.

Express Your Beliefs: If you’ve been hesitant to share your views, this might be a good time to speak up. Your words can have a powerful impact now.

Use Your Energy Constructively: Mars in Sagittarius can provide a lot of energy. Direct this energy towards constructive pursuits rather than scattering it.

Remember, while this transit provides a harmonious flow of energy, it’s up to you to make the most of the opportunities it presents. It’s an ideal time to align your actions with your personal growth and life path.

I hope this information is helpful for you in navigating the days ahead. If you are curious to learn how these, or any other transits are affecting you directly and how to best work with the energy, schedule a reading with me.

Wishing you all the best, as you ride the planetary waves.




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