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Inside look into the ebook, The Basics of Astrology
Cover Art for the ebook, The Basics of Astrology

40 Page Introduction to Astrology

Learn the Basics of Astrology is a visual guide that contains all the fundamentals you need to understand your astrological code. Get this as a simple downloadable eBook or order our newest paperback version. 


Kindle $9.99
Paperback $29.99


Live, interactive classes to to teach you the language of astrology, so you can set your intentions for what you want to accomplish by following the rhythms of the Moon. As you learn to apply these rhythms to your personal astrological code you will start to see & feel the rewards of working with the planets.


We meet twice each Moon Cycle. Once prior to the New Moon & once prior to the Full Moon. Each class we will be looking at where the planets are aligned & how they connect to the planets in your personal astrological code during both the New & Full Moon and what that means for you.


Classes are limited to eight students so each student gets personal guidance on how to apply the planetary rhythms to their own personal astrological code. Each group gathering is two hours. All classes will be recorded and emailed out so you can refer back to them anytime.

Moon Cycle Classes
  • Starts Jun 13

    58 US dollars

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  • Starts Jun 14

    58 US dollars

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