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#123 August 15-21: Mars in Gemini


The God of War, the planet of action aggression and conflict begins its seven month stay in the Sign of Communication and Confusion, Gemini. Ingrid and I were definitely confused during this recording, because after our rousing introduction to YouTube, we didn’t record video for this episode, even through we thought we did. We’re a two man band, reminiscent of the Twins, trying to do the job of twelve people. Thank you for your patience, and as Mercury enters its Retrograde Shadow this week, patience is a major theme moving forward, along with values, fun, and efficiency, which we are continually working on. Listen to the podcast through the link below...

#123 August 15-21: Mars in Gemini

The themes this week are…

1. Self-worth

2. Planning

3. Courage

Mars kicks down the door to Gemini this week, but before it does the God of War is challenging you to claim your self-worth.