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#123 August 15-21: Mars in Gemini


The God of War, the planet of action aggression and conflict begins its seven month stay in the Sign of Communication and Confusion, Gemini. Ingrid and I were definitely confused during this recording, because after our rousing introduction to YouTube, we didn’t record video for this episode, even through we thought we did. We’re a two man band, reminiscent of the Twins, trying to do the job of twelve people. Thank you for your patience, and as Mercury enters its Retrograde Shadow this week, patience is a major theme moving forward, along with values, fun, and efficiency, which we are continually working on. Listen to the podcast through the link below...

The themes this week are…

1. Self-worth

2. Planning

3. Courage

Mars kicks down the door to Gemini this week, but before it does the God of War is challenging you to claim your self-worth.

The frequency of the planets and stars are supporting your to establish your self-worth, and secure what you value, but in order to do so you must make a plan.

In order to make that plan you must have the courage to open your heart and create a vibe that is going to support you in your process.

Read below for question prompts and guidance to make the most of these astral and planetary frequencies.

If you would like some personal guidance in these areas contact me for a reading. It is my purpose is to help you understand, accept, appreciate and love the divine, unique miracle that is you.

Wishing you all the best in your journey through the week ahead, and I hope to work with you soon!

MONDAY, August 15

Mercury in Virgo Trine the North Node Retrograde in Taurus

What do you value?

What is the status of your self-worth?

How can you create a structure supported by a schedule and diet that honors your self-worth and raises your value?




These are the three keys to getting your life in order.

When: August 14 – 17

TUESDAY, August 16

Mercury in Virgo Trine Uranus in Taurus

What makes your values unique to you?

How can you claim your daily independence?

What makes your day different from others?




These are the three keys to getting your life in order.

When: August 15 – 18

WEDNESDAY, August 17

The Moon in Taurus Square Venus in Leo

Are you values reflecting your heart, or are you selling yourself short?

Are the people you are in a relationship with opening their hearts and valuing you?

Are you opening your heart and valuing the people you are in a relationship with?

Face the bumps in the road by courageously expressing what you like and what you don’t like.

When you do, the right individuals will gravitate toward you.

When: 5:00am – 11:00am PDT

THURSDAY, August 18

Venus in Leo Trine Jupiter Retrograde in Aries

If you were to open your heart and dream of the greatest possible relationship for yourself, what would it look like?

What are your fears surrounding the possibility that your hopes would not come true?

Do you believe you are unworthy? Are you feeling small?

Kick down the door to your heart. Leap through to center stage.

Have the courage to feel.

Be bold in love.

When: August 16 - 20

FRIDAY, August 19

The Moon in Conjunct Mars in Taurus

What action are you taking to establish your self-worth?

What action are you taking to secure what you value?

What do you need to be going after materially in order to bring you emotional satisfaction?

Stand your ground.

Show yourself the respect you deserve.

Complete the rebuild of your self-esteem.

When: 12:00am – 6:00am PDT

SATURDAY, August 20

Mars in Gemini

What action are you taking to learn, to meet new people, to connect, coordinate, and communicate your thoughts?

This is the underlying theme for the next seven months as Mars begins an extended stay in Gemini.

Conversations are bound to get heated during this period.

A lot of ideas will be exchanged.

Disagreements will occur.

Do not assume that you have the answer.

The goal is to remain curious through it all.

Take action to introduce people in your life who do not know each other, but should.

Be a conduit, a connector, a listener, and a thinker.

Start the conversation with a question.


Keep the conversation going with more questions.

Mars typically spends about six weeks in any given Sign.

The seven month stay in Gemini is due to the fact that Mars will retrograde during this period.

Learning the bullet points doesn’t mean to take a short-cut.

Do not rush the process, as rushing will create confusion, and confusion will cause you to redo what has already been done, or relearn what you already thought you knew.

Those born with key astrological points in Virgo and Sagittarius prepare for greater conflicts, challenges, and anger filled frustrations. This is not meant to bring you fear, but rather, bring the awareness of life’s challenges. Be patient and persistent through the difficulties and you will see yourself to the other side, stronger that you were before.


This Time: August 20, 2022 - March 25, 2023

Last Time: March 3 - April 23, 2021


Mercury enters its Retrograde Shadow in Virgo

What are you working on right now?

What work projects are you in the midst of?

Where would you like to be with these projects by September 9, October 2 and October 16?

Make a schedule.

Follow through.

Stick to the schedule.

When challenges inevitably arise during this period, you may be tempted to deviate from, or abandon your schedule. Do not, and do not add any new projects to your plate.

Forge ahead through the difficulties.

Stick to the plan.

By the time you arrive to October 16, you will reap the fruits of your labor.


Retrograde Shadow: August 20 at 24°11’ Virgo

Retrograde: September 9 at 8°55’ Libra

End of Retrograde: October 2 at 24°11’ Virgo

Retrograde Shadow: October 16 at 8°55’ Libra

SUNDAY, August 21

Mercury in Virgo Opposite Neptune Retrograde in Pisces

As you make your plans to confidently step into the Mercury Retrograde Shadow Period, how are you honoring your dreams?

What is your greatest fantasy of what your accomplishments will look like by October 2 and October 16?

What doubts linger beneath the surface of your mind that may be holding you back from what you are working towards?

Take a detailed look at your thought process.

Root out your fears with compassion.

Meet any guilt or unworthiness with forgiveness.

Make a list, step-by-step to bring your dream into reality.

When: August 20 – 22

If you are curious about how these planetary alignments are influencing you directly, please contact me for a reading. It is an honor and privilege for me to share this knowledge with you. Until then I wish you all the best as you ride the planetary waves.




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