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#122 August 8-14: The Full Moon in Aquarius and Venus in Leo


While Leo Season calls us to follow our hearts, Ingrid and Scott get lost along memory lane reminiscing about their days in the restaurant world. The themes for the week are community, values, and honoring what is in your heart. Venus is ushered into Leo, as the Moon goes Full in Aquarius, encouraging you to shine your light, and share your warmth in your community and close, personal relationships. Embrace your individuality, and share your talents with the group. Listen to the podcast through the link below...

#122 August 8-14: The Full Moon in Aquarius and Venus in Leo

The themes this week are…

1. Community

2. Heart-opening

3. Values

The Full Moon in Aquarius and Venus in Leo highlight the transits of the week, while Mars, Uranus, and the North Node continue to make their presence known in Taurus.

Aquarius represents the community.

Leo represents the heart.

Taurus represents values.

This week feels like there may be a lot to unload. Whatever has been building up in your heart, let it out now.

By releasing what is in your heart, you will have a greater ability to discern if it is reflective of what you value.

Look around and see if your surroundings reflect your self-worth, or what is in your heart.

Your surroundings can mean the material, or even company you keep. Perhaps your surroundings not meet your standards, or perhaps your standards do not meet what is in your heart.

If so, open your heart and shift the frequency. The crunchiness you may be feeling is because you are at the precipice of leveling up. When you are at the precipice of leveling up, it is those last few steps that are the toughest.

If you would like to know how the following transits are affecting you directly, and how to navigate them to the best of your benefit, contact me for a reading.

My purpose is to help you understand, accept, appreciate and love the divine, unique miracle that is you.

Wishing you all the best in your journey through the week ahead, and I hope to work with you soon!

MONDAY, August 8

Venus in Cancer Opposite Pluto Retrograde in Capricorn

How can you claim your authority in your close, personal relationships?

Are you holding your partner accountable for their part in your relationship?

Have you taken responsibility for your part in your close, personal relationships?

How have your relationships of the past influenced, or set the tone for your relationships presently?

What would you like to change about your past relationships?

What must you rectify about your past relationships in order to bring you peace in your relationships presently?

What would you like to achieve in your present relationships?

Duration: August 7 – 10


The Sun in Leo Trine Chiron Retrograde in Aries

What is the state of your self-esteem?

Are you living from your heart-center?

Are you authentically being yourself?

How can you boldly express your heart, in a way that is unmistakably you?

What are your greatest fears of self-expression?

In what ways are you dimming your light, or cooling your warmth?

Take a moment today, to love yourself enough to embrace the confidence necessary to be the person you truly desire to be.

Duration: August 7 – 11

TUESDAY, August 9

The Moon in Capricorn Trine Uranus Conjunct the North Node Retrograde in Taurus

Are your values compromising your goals?

Are your goals compromising your values?

Are your goals and values in alignment with each other?

What make your goals and values unique to you?

Are you honoring your self-worth by refusing to compromise your values, or goals?

Embrace your individuality and what makes you unique.

If the ground feels unstable, perhaps that means you’re actually standing in the right place.

Begins at: 2pm – 8pm PDT

WEDNESDAY, August 10

The Sun in Leo Square Uranus Conjunct the North Node Retrograde in Taurus

In what ways is your heart compromised by your values?

Are you selling yourself short?

What is your heart telling you to do that is in conflict with your reality?

How can you find common ground between desire and practicality?

Duration: August 9 – 13

THURSDAY, August 11

The Full Moon in Aquarius

July 28 was the New Moon in Leo. The New Moon is about setting intentions. It is the inhale. Planting the seeds of the coming harvest. During this New Moon in Leo frequency you were called to set your intentions to…

Open your heart.

Have fun.

Enjoy life.


Soak up the Sun.

Embrace the spotlight.

Be the benevolent, rather than the tyrant.

The Full Moon is a release.

It is the exhale.

Showing, or sharing the harvest.

Aquarius is opposite Leo.

Leo is the sovereign.

Aquarius is the community.

By setting your intentions to follow the New Moon in Leo frequency, you now are being called to share your heart with the community, or group context.

Shine your light.

Share your warmth.

Help those within your village see the specialness within themselves.

Encourage each individual to embrace their independence and appreciate the value they bring to the collective.

When: 6:35PM PDT

If you would like to learn how the next Moon Cycle will be affecting you directly, which will be the New Moon in Virgo and the Full Moon in Pisces, enroll in my Moon Cycle Classes.


Venus in Leo

Are my current relationships filling up my heart?

Is there joy in my relationships?

How can I express my heart in my relationships?

Are those who are in a relationship with me open to receive what is in my heart?

Are those who I am in a relationship with open to sharing their heart with me?

What bold expression of love would I like to receive from those I'm in a relationship with?

What bold expression of love would I like to give to those I'm in a relationship with?

How can I have more fun in my relationships?


This Time: August 11 – September 4, 2022

Last Time: June 26 – July 21, 2021

For those with key astrological points in Taurus and Scorpio be mindful that there may be some bumps in the road for you and your relationships. Center in on your heart and follow the questions prompts to make your way back onto a healthy path.


Mars in Taurus Sextile Neptune Retrograde in Pisces

Are you dreams aligned with your values?

How do your dreams reflect your self-worth?

What can you surround yourself within the material to help you actualize your dreams?

Duration: August 8 – 14

FRIDAY, August 12