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Seven Journal Prompts for Your Journey through the Week of May 20

There is a lot of energetic shifting this week, as several planets, the Sun, Venus, and Jupiter are all transiting from the Fixed Earth Sign symbolized by the Bull, Taurus to the Mutable Air Sign symbolized by the Twins, Gemini.

The Sun transits in to Gemini first on May 20, followed by Venus on May 23, and Jupiter on May 25.


The Sun is the Planet of Light, Life and Vitality.

Venus is Lady Luck, the Goddess of Love & Beauty, the Planetary of Relationships.

Jupiter is the God of Thunder, Lord of Justice, the Planet of Luck & Expansion.


The Full Moon in Sagittarius is also a highlight of the week occurring at 6:53 AM PDT on Thursday, May 23. The next round of Moon Cycle Classes is available for enrollment where we will be covering the upcoming New Moon in Gemini and first Full Moon in Capricorn of 2024.


If you would like more information on how these transits or any other transit may be affecting you directly, or how to work with the energy, I invite you to schedule a reading with me.


If you would like to learn more about your astrological code in order to better understand who you are, so you can accept, appreciate, and love the divine, unique miracle that is you, I invite you to schedule a reading with me.


I am here to guide you, support you, and encourage you on your journey through offering clarity as you navigate your way through life.


Below are the questions for the week ahead.


  1. What am I curious about? Who would I like to connect with? What would I like to learn from those I am connecting with?  

  2. What would I like to transform about my community or within the group construct through curiosity, communication, and listening?  

  3. How can I improve my self-worth in order to be more adventurous, explorative, free and honest in my life?  

  4. What questions do I have that need to be asked honestly? What questions do I have that need to be answered honestly?   

  5. What values do I share with my partner?

  6. What would I like to learn from my friend, lover, or business partner?  

  7. What would I like to learn over the next year?

I hope these questions help you navigate your way on your journey through the week!

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1 Comment

Coach Aba
Coach Aba
May 20

I love the journal prompt idea and am determined to make some way with those questions tomorrow morning.

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