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Seven Journal Prompts for The New Moon in Gemini Conjunct Venus

The New Moon in Gemini Conjunct with Venus occurs on Thursday, June 6 at...

5:38 AM PDT

6:38 AM MDT

7:38 AM CDT

8:38 AM EDT

At or after these times take a moment to reflect upon the nature of Gemini and the intentions you would like to set which would be in support of this frequency.

Set your intentions to be curious.

Set your intentions to ask questions.

Set your intentions to listen.

Set your intentions to learn.

Set your intentions to connect and exchange information with others.

Set your intentions to be a conduit. Be the round hole, square peg piece that helps the round peg connect with the square hole.

This New Moon is unique in that it aligns with Venus, the Goddess of Love & Beauty, the Planet of Relationships in the Mutable Air Sign symbolized by the Twins, Gemini, along with the Sun and Moon.

Set your intentions to honor your values in your relationships.

Set your intentions to be curious about your partners.

Set your intentions for what you want to learn from your relationships, and from your partners.

The New Moon also aligns with the North Node, which is the karmic pathway of the Soul, or Soul's Purpose, transiting through the Cardinal Fire Sign, symbolized by the Ram, Aries.

Set your intentions to be authentic in your curiosity.

Set your intentions to be courageous in your questioning.

Set your intentions to be confident in your listening.

The New Moon aligns with Saturn, the God of Wealth & Time, the Planet of Responsibility, Hard Work, Achievement, and Authority in the Mutable Water Sign symbolized by the Fish, Pisces.

Set your intentions to take responsibility for your intuition.

Set your intentions to hold yourself accountable for your unconscious thoughts.

Set your intentions to connect your unconscious fantasies to your logical mind.

Remember the Four Cornerstones of Gemini...


1. Connecting

2. Questioning

3. Listening

4. Learning

Set your intentions to connect, question, listen, and learn from those around you. Be mindful that the Conjunction with Venus brings greater sensitivity to your values and how you relate to others. This is an ideal time to set intentions to be a better communicator, listener, and conduit of information in all of your relationships. 

When you learn about others and what they value, you can be a conduit that connects those individuals together based on their values. Through those connections you bring greater cohesion and clarity to the conversation.


Below are the questions for the New Moon in Gemini.


  1. Who would you like to connect with?

  2. What would you like to ask those you connect with?

  3. How can you be a better listener to what others have to say to you?

  4. How can you learn from their knowledge?

  5. What can you do to bring greater clarity to the conversation?

  6. How can you be a conduit to those you are connecting with?

  7. What can you do to be a better communicator in your close, personal relationships?

I hope these questions help you set the tone as you navigate your way through the new Lunar Cycle.

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