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How to Navigate the New Moon in Sagittarius and Mercury Retrograde

In this post we will share how to navigate the New Moon in Sagittarius and Mercury Retrograde while also highlighting seven transits that occur over the next seven days. 

In this episode we highlight seven key transits for the week beginning with Mercury in Capricorn Sextile Venus in Scorpio, which culminated into a conversation about Nonviolent Communication. 

We discuss the New Moon in Sagittarius, which sent us on a journey discussing the energy of Sagittarius, the symbol of the Archer, and the light and shadow of this energy which is so powerfully embodied by many public figures, such as Jimi Hendrix, Bruce Lee, Jennifer Lawrence, Michael Jordan, Elvis Presley, and Brendan Fraser.

We get deep into what’s occurring with the Mercury Retrograde transit beginning through Capricorn, the Sign of responsibility and authority. Slow down and refrain from fighting what is coming up for you. 

Three transits that occur concurrently this week, as the Sun in Sagittarius aligns with the North Node in Aries and Neptune in Pisces, while Mars in Sagittarius aligns with Chiron in Aries. These aspects are giving you the courage to face your insecurities, and charge towards your fears, while also finding the synastry between compassion and honestly. 

Mercury Retrograde in Capricorn realigns with Jupiter Retrograde in Taurus, a connection these two heavily bodies made last week while Mercury was still direct. This gives you another opportunity to speak and listen from a place of authority with regard to your values. 

Finally, we were only able to answer one question this week, but it was a great one, which took us along the path to learn about the “Window of Tolerance”, while also looking into the meaning behind the North Node in Taurus in the 11th House.

I also covered the astrology for 2024, going month by month with the amazing psychic Dallisa Hocking, which you can view in the video below.

Lots of informative content on the current astrology and the astrology looking ahead. I hope it is all helpful to you in navigating your journey!

Mercury in Capricorn Sextile Venus in Scorpio - December 10 - 12

When quick-witted Mercury traverses earthy, pragmatic Capricorn and forms an empowering sextile to aesthetic Venus journeying through emotionally intense Scorpio, your intellect make cautious strides while your artistic sides penetrate new depths. Focus your thoughts practically yet open your heart to vulnerability's power.

Now is a time for mental fortitude and endurance. Strategically schedule projects, divide them into workable chunks. Plot careful steps, not just ambitious leaps - reasonable planning prevents restless boredom. Concentrate language to convey the greatest punch, rather than inflated words signifying little.

In relationships, show devotion through dependability and little gestures demonstrating commitment. Express feelings concisely rather than gushing hasty overtures risking authenticity.

Financially, research thoroughly before significant purchases to assure enduring quality and sensible investments.

At this transit's most constructive, balance practicality with poetry - integrate both left and right brain through flexibility.

Writing now blends romanticism with journalistic detail. Photography captures profound emotion within crisp, technically strong compositions.

Musicians translate passionate depths knowledgeably into impactful songs exquisitely played.

Support causes aiding society's vulnerable who cannot yet support themselves.

Overall, Mercury in Capricorn favors sound strategy and putting plans solidly into motion. Yet Venus in Scorpio awakens inspiration through connecting sensitively and courageously exploring life's romantic, tragic, beautiful complexity ever unfolding mysteriously moment to moment.

The New Moon in Sagittarius - December 12 at 3:33 pm Pacific Time

The four cornerstones of Sagittarius are…


1. Adventure

2. Exploration

3. Freedom

4. Honesty

Sagittarius is the fire that spreads the truth. 


How are you filtering your words? 

What is preventing you from speaking your truth?

What would you like to explore?

Where would you like to explore?

How can you connect to your spiritual nature?


Set your intentions to speak your truth, to be honest in expressing your thoughts, while also remaining open to hear the truth of others. Open your channel, your connection to God, the Universe, whatever higher power you believe in, and if you do not believe in a higher power, take this time to cultivate faith in something that elevates or expands you. 


Set your intentions to be ethical and open to experiencing freedom in the truest sense of the word, uninhibited by anything as long as you are living with respect to those you impact with your energetic force.


The Sagittarius New Moon heralds a new lunar cycle focused on expanding perspectives, seeking truth and adventure, and following intuition's guidance toward your highest path. As the Moon conjoins the Sun under Sagittarius' optimistic bow and arrow, we're empowered to aim visionary arrows toward horizons wide open with potential.

Set crystal clear intentions now for elevating understanding, pursuing travel and education, delving into other cultures, engaging mentors to ignite wisdom you already inwardly know but haven't yet brought fully into the light.

Communicate insights through writing, speeches, photography, or video creatively structured to motivate and uplift audiences.

Organize teachings and training programs aligned with your beliefs.

Stay open and tolerant of views challenging your own - we grow through questioning not blind acceptance alone.

Overall the Archer's fiery illumination during this New Moon phase awakens purpose and joy through spreading hope even in darkness, sharing truths discovered through life's rabbles and riddles.

We each hold a piece of the puzzle toward comprehending existence. By putting aside ego and listening to all voices, we collectively edge closer toward that profound realization underpinning your universal oneness.

Set intentions leading outward through exploring unmarked trails this lunar month. They discover that when you lose your limited self, you find your infinite wholeness waiting there all along.

Mercury Retrograde - December 13, 2023 - January 1, 2024 

When Mercury stations Retrograde in earthy, pragmatic Capricorn, your thinking may encounter delays and experience hard lessons regarding ambition, responsibility, and constructing foundations stone by stone.

Avoid signing contracts blindly now or hastily finalizing projects halfway.

Instead revisit existing efforts, redirecting trajectories wandering off course.

Update timelines accounting for previously unforeseen variables that crave consideration before charging ahead unprepared.

Mentally review recent oversights around managing duties, maintaining integrity under pressure, failures balancing home versus work.

Feel into frustrations but avoid dwelling gloomily.

Make amends for errors without self-flagellation.

Learn then recalibrate.

Writing clarifies noisy thoughts if you censor inner critics. Color constructive feedback with compassion not shame. Progress unfolds through patience with yourselves and others.

Mercury's Retrograde review phase for revising outdated structures supports liberating renewed vision.

In quiet reflection, create space for the soul - whispering wisdom drowned out by pushing ever onward without pause.

What brings meaning amidst the madness of mistaking activity for purpose?

In stillness, reconnect to your true north star burning brightly within, awaiting rediscovery when at last you slow down and listen.

When reviewing Mercury's transit through your own astrological code, take a close look at what key astrological points or planets are between 0°- 8° in Cardinal Signs, Earth Signs and Water Signs. From December 13 - 22, Mercury will be transiting back over the same degrees in Capricorn as it did between December 1 - 13. Therefore what you are experiecing between December 13 - 22 may be a review of what you experienced between December 1 - 13. Mercury will transit over this portain of the sky a third time between January 13 - 20.

The Sagittarius portain of Mercury's Retrograde transit occurs from December 22 - January 1. During these dates be mindful of any key astrological points or planets between 22°- 29° in Mutable Signs, Fire Signs and Air Signs, as Mercury will be transiting back over the same degrees in Sagittarius as it did between November 25 - December 1. Mercury will transit over this portain of the sky a third time between January 1 - 13.

For context, Mercury transited into its Retrograde shadow on November 25.

Mercury Retrograde ends on January 1.

Merucry transits out of its Retrograde shadow on January 20.

If you would like to receive a deeper understanding of how this Mercury Retrograde will be affecting you more deeply, schedule a reading with me.

The Sun in Sagittarius Trine the North Node Retrograde in Aries - December 13 - 16

When our vital Solar energy moves through adventurous Sagittarius forming a flowing fire trine with the evolutionary North Node in action-oriented Aries, the cosmos amplifies personal growth and purpose through courageously seeking truth no matter how unsettling, enthusiastically exploring new terrain, and spreading inspiration by transforming wounds into wisdom shared generously with all.

Rather than recoiling, lean into questions that unsettle comfortable assumptions. Let uncertainty fuel discovery not inhibit it. Where habits leave you feeling constricted in outgrown roles and relationships, embrace necessary change.

Blaze your own trail. Follow intuition through darkness, trusting in own inner light until understanding dawns. If criticism arises for swimming against consensus flows, stand tall in self-worth not shrinking smaller to conform. You belong wherever you stand in authenticity.

Continue progressing ahead by uplifting those walking behind you. Forge community through compassionately upholding equality and understanding amidst difference.

Maintain seekers beginners mindset, even as a teacher now yourself.

Hold hope humbly not arrogance when imparting hard-won lessons to empower others’ self-realization of their inner Sages ready to rise.

Overall, harness this auspicious sky fully by walking your talk unwaveringly, spreading seeds inspiring others’ growth through your generosity, courage and embodiment of highest truth.

Mars in Sagittarius Trine Chiron Retrograde in Aries - December 13 - 17

This fiery trine between driven Mars traversing expansive Sagittarius and Chiron Retrograde in impulsive Aries ignites opportunities for actively healing wounds around confidence and independence by fearlessly embarking on new adventures while also learning cultural humility.

Avoid assumptions your ways are necessarily superior.

Honor ancestral teachers, rituals and medicines supporting wholeness.

Through exposure to diverse viewpoints and direct experience now, perceive narrow spaces once limiting self-expression or spiritual freedom.

Feel where old pains held you back from living fully. Then broaden your embrace of life’s colorful diversity. Seek awakening through opening your heart, not conquering forcefully.

In releasing rigidity, claim renewed personal power and direction. You needn’t dominate to lead energetically. Guide others by first healing and uplifting self.

Set boundaries against abuse of any privilege without guilt. Handling anger with wisdom now prevents righteous impulses brewing future resentment when actions lack care for consequences.

Overall this fiery sky awakens healing by fusing horizons through tolerant exploratory dialogue, avoiding reactive harm by upholding respect, empowering self and others through humility and compassionate truth-seeking.

The Sun in Sagittarius Square Neptune in Pisces - December 14 - 17

When our central Solar light shifts into far-reaching Sagittarius only to have its beams diffused by foggy Neptune in oceanic Pisces, higher meaning feels veiled by confusion and facts blur into illusion. Rather than struggling to wield control amidst uncertainty now, release needing to grasp fully.

Anchor in intuitive inner compass when intellect hits walls.

Avoid rigid adherence to beliefs failing underlying sniff tests.

In ameliorating tensions between visionary hopes and relative truths, acknowledge impermanence permeating our existence, that all formed things pass in time.

Progress ahead relies on constantly updating mental maps accounting for new variables arising along the way. Rigid preconceptions close possibility’s door.

Spiritual disillusionment inevitably gives way to deeper understanding when you open hands rather than tightly clutching dogmas losing relevance.

Uncovering common humanity beneath surface perceived differences can unravel conflict’s tangled knots when solving problems with empathy and creativity over reactive ideological entrenchments.

Overall under this strained sky, stay true to your thoughtful perceptions while respecting contrasting experiences you’ve been fortunate enough to have avoided directly.

Where knowledge gaps exist, fill them. Become the change through embodying your highest ideals with accountability. Lead others through questioning collectively, avoiding false certainty or superiority that erodes community building needed now more than ever.

Mercury Retrograde in Capricorn Trine Jupiter Retrograde in Taurus - December 16 - 20

When Mercury stations Retrograde in ambitious Capricorn directly Trine to Jupiter’s Retrograde in stubborn Taurus, frustrated efforts demand recalibrating expectations and reassessing priorities requiring major course corrections.

These two heavenly bodies were in an exact Trine between December 6 - 9 when Mercury was Direct. Now they are both Retrograde. They will reconnect again January 18 - 20, when they will both be direct.

Take a moment to think about these dates: December 6 - 9, 16-20, and January 18-20. What is the common thread in your life with regards to speaking from a position of authority when expressing the ethical ideals of your values?

Progress stalls when idealistic vision lacks pragmatism and infrastructure for realization or rigid attachments inhibit necessary innovation and compromise.

Avoid doubling down or digging heels deeper in reaction to mounting tension.

With compassion, honestly reevaluate commitments exceeding current capacities, accounting fully for actual time or resources available.

If recent goals aimed too high and wide unrealistic presently, scale back and simplify rather than abandoning hope or redoubling unsupportable efforts.

Contracts promising more than can be ethically delivered only breed future letdowns and reputation loss when inevitable reversal or renegotiation hits walls later on.

Temper grandiose pronouncements with modest disclaimers clarifying on-the-ground truths versus glossy hype detached from reality.

Be willing to update timelines or budgets mid-stream rather than rigidly driving drafts forward blindly without tuning navigation instruments needing adjustment when storms arise en route to intended destinations.

With maturity and pragmatism during frustrating retrograde delays, breakthroughs become possible.

In an ocean lacking wind for sailing further, drop anchor building strength until conditions improve favorable for consciously proceeding ahead with integrity when time is right

I hope this information is helpful for you in navigating the days ahead. If you are curious to learn how these, or any other transits are affecting you directly and how to best work with the energy, schedule a reading with me.

Wishing you all the best, as you ride the planetary waves.




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