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Courageous Vulnerability in Relationships

Thank you all for your patience as I stepped away from the weekly forecast as I adjusted to relaunching the podcast with my partner, Gabriella D'Urso. I've embedded our latest episode below here. Gabriella is a Psychotherapist and I'm excited to be working with her to help me bridge the worlds of astrology and psychology. I hope you enjoy what we have to share with you and I hope that what we share helps you work with the energy that has been bestowed to you by the planets and stars.

Below I've highlighted what we discussed on our latest episode. If you are curious how these, or any other transits are affecting you directly, or if you would like to learn the purpose of your Soul, I encourage you to reach out to me for a reading.

Wishing you all the best through the week, as you ride the planetary waves!

There are some powerful extended transits that are occurring over a two week period, which push you to engage with courageous vulnerability in your relationships.

These transits are supporting you in transforming your relationship energy. Your most intimate, karmic relationships are ripe for an overhaul, so you can deepen your bonds through transforming or eliminating the frequencies that are draining your energy.

This begins on Monday, November 13 at 1:28 am Pacific Time with the New Moon in Scorpio. Joining the New Moon party is Mars, the planetary ruler of Scorpio. Mars is aligned within 2° of the Sun from November 10 - 27. From November 10 - 22, the Sun and Mars will be together in Scorpio, but more on that later, first let’s get into what it means when the New Moon in Scorpio aligns with Mars in Scorpio.

The New Moon in Scorpio aligned with empowering Mars ignites fresh beginnings regarding passion, prowess and courageous vulnerability.

Scorpio is the Fixed Water Sign, ruled by Mars and Pluto and symbolized by the Scorpion.

The Four Cornerstones of Scorpio are…

1. Sex

2. Magic

3. Intimacy

4. Vulnerability

Scorpio is the deepest, darkest, most passionate Sign, the Sign of intimacy, vulnerability, magic, sex, secrets, and the sharing of money.

Who are the individuals that you want to share this energy with?

What are the characteristics of the individuals you'd like to share this energy with?

Are you feeling lifted, or drained by the individuals you are intimate with?

At or after this time take a moment to set your intentions to bond with those who lift you to a higher plane.

Set your intentions to transform the energy between yourself and those who you are bonded to that are draining you.

Now is the time to form and transform these intimate bonds, so that by the time the Sun transits into Sagittarius on November 22, you and those you are bonded to will be free.

Harness this lunar energy to bravely transform inner shadows or limiting patterns.

Eliminate toxic behaviors without judgment to clear space for growth.

Start anew with habits supporting wholeness.

Deeply examine underlying motivations and fears driving you.

Feel through pain to gain self-insight. But avoid dwelling solely on wounds - identify messages and lessons to integrate.

Renew foundations through emotional authenticity.

Commit to therapy or initiating bold yet overdue conversations.

In relationships, cultivate intimacy through truly knowing someone’s full being. Adventure together reignites chemistry.

Clarify boundaries and core needs to prioritize. In conflicts, compromise unselfishly and aim for deeper relating.

What intentions will focus your Martian drive over this lunar cycle?

Concentrate your vitality on significant goals.

Channel passion into productivity and creative expression versus aggression.

Let Scorpio’s penetrating insight and fervor empower internal shifts that spur external breakthroughs. The Phoenix rises with courage, vision and wisdom.

From November 10 - 22, the Sun will be within 2° of Mars in Scorpio, bringing vital energy to the planet of courage, confidence and authenticity. This is your opportunity to be courageous, confident, and authentic in your deepest most intimate relationships.

As the empowering Sun merges with driven Mars in Mars-ruled Scorpio, relationships and intimate connections intensify.

Passions run high now, yet avoid selfishness or force.

Transform relationships through courageous vulnerability and deep knowing of yourself and your partners.

Eliminate toxic patterns that prohibit true closeness.

Communicate openly about core needs and shadow aspects seeking integration.

For couples, recommit through expressing appreciation and engaging in novel adventures that rekindle chemistry. Overall, use this passionate conjunction to radically deepen bonds of trust and interdependence.

Merge strengths to build something enduring. Handled maturely, conflicts now can strengthen understanding.

Address simmering irritations before they explode destructively.

Lead with empathy and solutions fair to all. Past betrayals or power issues may arise for healing. Release these karmic wounds through forgiveness.

Clear space for greater intimacy by naming unspoken tensions. Ultimately, harness Scorpio's penetrating insight to evolve dynamics to their highest potential.

Let the Phoenix rise, renewed from relational ashes through authenticity.

Along the journey of the Sun’s Conjunction with Mars in Scorpio, these two planets align with three outer planets:

Uranus Retrograde in Taurus from November 10 - 15,

Neptune Retrograde in Pisces from November 15 - 19, and

Pluto in Capricorn from November 18 - 22.

Here’s how to work with the energy:

From November 10 - 15 the Sun and Mars in Scorpio will be Opposite Uranus Retrograde in Taurus. This aspect ignites explosive tensions between willpower and instability.

Avoid ego conflicts now, as they will only breed destruction not resolution. Likewise, impulsively disrupting the status quo out of frustration leads to more chaos, not meaningful change.

Practice extreme patience before reacting or forcing outcomes.

Manage simmering irritations through healthy physical outlets and creative catharsis. If you must speak out, do so calmly and judiciously.

Consider different perspectives, not just your position. Where relationships feel too restrictive, respectfully establish boundaries instead of severing ties. If you've been too controlling, give space. When foundations waver, adapt flexibly versus grasping rigidly. Change requires surrendering to uncertainty at times.

Overall, balance maintaining stability with the courage to consciously evolve situations. Progress happens by uniting divided factions, not through partisanship.

Lead with integrity and maturity, not reactive ego. The Phoenix rises through releasing the unsustainable old, not fighting futile battles. With self-awareness and care, this intense planetary tension ultimately empowers transformation.

From November 15 - 19, the Sun and Mars in Scorpio will be Trine Neptune Retrograde in Pisces, the Sign that Neptune rules. This aspect awakens creative inspiration and spiritual harmony.

This supportive transit enlivens your imagination and intuition.

Capture mystical insights through artistic endeavors: write, paint, sing, craft. Innovative solutions arise by blending vision with practical effort.

Act on imaginative promptings that bring tranquility and beauty. Avoid merely fantasizing without manifesting, however. Mars charges Neptune’s dreams with energizing willpower for realization.

Collaborate synergistically towards shared ideals. Lead with compassion.

In relationships, practice deep empathy, forgiveness and care for those in need.

Create healing through emotional authenticity and spiritual intimacy. At the same time, maintain healthy boundaries around your sensitivities.

Help others while also nurturing your own body, mind and spirit.

Service activities now can profoundly renew purpose. This empowering sky awakens your highest potential.

Align actions with wisdom and mystical vision. Moving forth courageously yet gently, you can accomplish great things for the benefit of all.

From November 18 - 22, the Sun and Mars in Scorpio will be Sextile Pluto in Capricorn. This aspect represents potent energy for revelation and positive transformation.

Awaken your powers of regeneration.

Fearlessly investigate underlying issues for empowering change at root causes. Research uncovers hidden leverage points.

Strategically eliminate whatever is corrupt or dysfunctional, then creatively rebuild.

Stay centered in integrity when wielding influence.

Appeal to conscience over fear.

Communicate persuasively to turn the tide toward necessary reforms. Leadership now must align words with righteous action.

Walk your talk authentically.

In conflicts, stand firmly yet manage anger wisely.

Transform dynamics respectfully through vulnerability and wisdom gained from self-reflection. This intense sky empowers catharsis of outdated patterns and purging of all that inhibits your soul’s purpose.

What intention and meaning will you direct this concentrated fire toward?

Let intuition guide you unerringly toward manifestation of your most profound potentials. With courage and care, seize this opportunity to rise like the mythic Phoenix – renewed through releasing the ashes of the past.

From November 9 - 22, Mercury in Sagittarius will be Sextile Venus in Libra, the Sign ruled by Venus. This aspect unites curiosity with grace. This sociable transit blends lively exchanges of ideas with pleasant interactions.

Engage in thought-provoking yet lighthearted conversations that allow minds to meld in harmony.

Share viewpoints diplomatically. Play devil’s advocate respectfully, not combatively. Find compromises and common ground.

Make time for peaceful bonding with loved ones and intellectual peers. Social events feel rejuvenating now.

Balance logic and consideration - avoid bluntness or debating just to prove yourself right.

In matters of the heart, communicate affectionately within relationships while giving space for individual expression too. If single, socialize and speak your truth with approachability.

Creative projects flourish through collaborating.

Negotiations flow smoothly by identifying shared objectives.

Overall, harness the fusion of intellect and charm. Express your well-informed perspective with friendliness. Seek truth while elevating the discourse through wisdom and compassion. Join reason with grace.

The hope is that these aspects will give you the courage to act upon your words, and to use your words honestly, gracefully, with a bit of charm in order to transform the draining aspects of your relationships to an energy that elevates you.

If you are curious about how these planetary alignments are influencing you directly, please contact me for a reading. It is an honor and privilege for me to share this knowledge with you. Until then, and beyond, I wish you all the best as you ride the planetary waves.




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