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Astrology Readings

At the moment of birth you were given a unique astrological code that will not be duplicated for over 25,000 years. Within this code is your Soul's Purpose. Do you know what this code says about you? Your Soul's Purpose is a direction your life is meant to take that is specific for you.  It is the journey you are meant to embark on. You were given a unique set of powers, gifts, as well as challenges. Understanding your Soul's Purpose will help you learn to navigate these challenges and cultivate your gifts, so you can thrive in all areas of your life, whether it be your career, your role in relationships, where to live, or developing the best of your personality traits. Working with Scott will bring you the clarity you need to gain awareness of your Soul’s Purpose and what actionable steps you can take to follow the frequency that will widen your path through life.

40 Page Introduction to Astrology

Inside look into the Basics of Astrology
Cover Art for the ebook, The Basics of Astrology

Learn the Basics of Astrology is a visual guide that contains all the fundamentals you need to understand your astrological code. Available as simple downloadable E-Book or get our newest paperback version.



Kindle $3.99
Paperback $9.99

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The Cosmic Pathway is a unique program that utilizes the language of astrology to decode the astral and planetary influences of life on Earth to help guide you through life. In this program, we examine how these influences shape you from body to Soul and push you to your Soul's Purpose. 



Live, interactive classes to to teach you the language of astrology, so you can set your intentions for what you want to accomplish by following the rhythms of the Moon. As you learn to apply these rhythms to your personal astrological code you will start to see & feel the rewards of working with the planets.


We meet twice each Moon Cycle. Once prior to the New Moon & once prior to the Full Moon. Each class we will be looking at where the planets are aligned & how they connect to the planets in your personal astrological code during both the New & Full Moon and what that means for you.


Classes are limited to eight students so each student gets personal guidance on how to apply the planetary rhythms to their own personal astrological code. Each group gathering is two hours. All classes will be recorded and emailed out so you can refer back to them anytime.

Moon Cycle Classes

Live, interactive classes to to teach you the language of astrology, so you can set your intentions for what you want to accomplish by following the rhythms of the Moon.



Give the gift of self-understanding to a friend or family member. By giving a reading to someone you care about, you are opening the doorway for them to understand, accept, appreciate and love the divine unique miracle that you know them to be. Empower someone you love!


Join Astrologer Scott Tejerian & Psychotherapist Gabriella D'Urso as they delve into the astral forecast each week, detailing how the planets and stars are influencing life on Earth, and how you can best work with the energy.

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Shara Prophet & Scott Tejerian
The Uncharted Territories Podcast Logo

The Uncharted Territories is a podcast about seeing the unseen in the world of matter.


Join the Mind Magic Coach, Shara Prophet & Astrologer, Scott Tejerian as they take an esoteric look into the life, death & afterlife of a variety of celebrities and public figures who lost their lives prematurely or unexpectedly.

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You Be You Podcast

A talk with Scott Tejerian from "The Weekly Transit"

Our first guest; a talk with Scott Tejerian from "The Weekly Transit" Astrology Podcast. 

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Epiphany with Tiffany Podcast

Astrology and Love with Scott Tejerian

Today on the show, Tiffany brings back astrologer Scott Tejerian. Scott is the author of The Basics of Astrology and co-host of the popular astrology podcast, The Weekly Transit. Tiffany and Scott chat about the gaining popularity of astrology, why it’s here to stay and share some insights about how to use charts to learn about compatibility, connection, and tension points between you and your current or prospective partner. From twin flames to karmic partnerships and analyzing the charts of some of Hollywood’s hottest couples, you can be sure to learn a lot from this organic conversation between two lovers of astrology.

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Epiphany with Tiffany Podcast

The Influence of Astrology with Scott Tejerian

Today on the podcast, Tiffany is joined by Scott Tejerian, the author of “The Basics of Astrology” and host of the popular Astrology podcast, “The Weekly Transit Astrology.” The two go into detail about Scott’s history with astrology and how it led him to become a full-time astrologer. They also analyze some charts of celebrities, both old and new, and demonstrate how aspects within astrology charts can reveal why we are energetically drawn towards certain people and how astrological transits impact the timing of major events in our lives.

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Unpacking Grief Podcast

Grief through Astrology with Scott Tejerian

Astrologer Scott Tejerian from shines light on Drew’s late son Zach’s astrological chart as we learn more about Scott’s relationship to grief.

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superficial magic podcast logo

How to Read Your Own Astrological Chart w/ Scott Tejerian:

Scott Tejerian shares his wisdom on birth charts with Superficial Magic! He explains astrology from A to Z, and it's the perfect starting point for beginning or intermediate star babies who want to look deeper into their own story. Loves it so so much xx

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Campfire Sht Show podcast logo

Scott Tejerian Milks Our Cosmic Nodes:

This week we lay under the stars with Astrologer extraordinaire and host of The Weekly Transit podcast, Scott Tejerian! Scott gives us the fundamentals of Astrology and breaks down the cosmic reasons why Beau and Meryl are the way they are. Then, he gives an Astrological reading for the Campfire Sht Show podcast and tells us what the planets hold for the future!

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American Pioneer podcast logo

Astrology with Scott Tejerian:

In this podcast we dive into astrology with Scott from “The Weekly Transit” Podcast. Learn all about astrology.

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Who We Are We podcast logo

Who We are Through Astrology:

With guest, Scott Tejerian, we explore how our identity and world are influenced by the movements of galactic bodies.

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