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The Cosmic Pathway is a unique program that utilizes the language of astrology to decode the astral and planetary influences of life on Earth to help guide you through life. In this program, we examine how these influences shape you from body to Soul and push you to your Soul's Purpose. 


This program offers a 60-minute weekly meeting where we will cover your goals, energetic focus and how best to navigate the astrological forecast for the upcoming week. 


I will highlight the astrological gifts and challenges ahead and provide you with the necessary structure and guidance to break through old patterns and outdated ways of being that prevent you from moving forward. In turn, you will share your insights and we will collaborate on your dreams and goals for the future. 


I'm looking for individuals who are willing to make at least a six month commitment to do this work together. Please tell me a little bit about yourself and why you would like to work with me. 


The monetary exchange for this gift is $800 per month. 



I'm in! Sign me up!


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