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Grey Limbo

Learn your personal Astrological code, forecast, astro-cartography, or synastry with another person and more! 120, 90 and 60 minute readings receive a hand drawn copy of your Astrological code. Schedule your session now.

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Live, interactive classes to to teach you the language of astrology, so you can set your intentions for what you want to accomplish by following the rhythms of the Moon.

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Astrologer Scott Tejerian & co-host Ingrid Iversen discuss the planetary movements and astral influences on Earth to help guide you through the week.

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The Uncharted Territories is a podcast about seeing the unseen in the world of matter.


Join the Mind Magic Coach, Shara Prophet & Astrologer, Scott Tejerian as they take an esoteric look into the life, death & afterlife of a variety of celebrities and public figures who lost their lives prematurely or unexpectedly.

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How to Read Your Own Astrological Chart w/ Scott Tejerian:

Scott Tejerian shares his wisdom on birth charts with Superficial Magic! He explains astrology from A to Z, and it's the perfect starting point for beginning or intermediate star babies who want to look deeper into their own story. Loves it so so much xx

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Scott Tejerian Milks Our Cosmic Nodes:

This week we lay under the stars with Astrologer extraordinaire and host of The Weekly Transit podcast, Scott Tejerian! Scott gives us the fundamentals of Astrology and breaks down the cosmic reasons why Beau and Meryl are the way they are. Then, he gives an Astrological reading for the Campfire Sht Show podcast and tells us what the planets hold for the future!

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Astrology with Scott Tejerian:

In this podcast we dive into astrology with Scott from “The Weekly Transit” Podcast. Learn all about astrology.

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Who We are Through Astrology:

With guest, Scott Tejerian, we explore how our identity and world are influenced by the movements of galactic bodies.

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