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#179 The Astrology Forecast for the New Moon in Virgo


The themes this week are…

1. Practicality

2. Organization

3. Boldness

The astrology forecast for the New Moon in Virgo brings two of the same three themes from last week. Practicality and organization are highlighted due to the heavy influence of Earth placements with the New Moon in Virgo, Mercury ending its retrograde transit through Virgo, as well as Jupiter and Uranus in Taurus.

Boldness replaces kindness as a theme because of the prevalence of the transits of the Moon and Venus through Leo.

Put it all together and the focus is to open your heart and express yourself through the tangible nature of your daily routine and work.

If you are curious how these, or any other transits are affecting you directly, I encourage you to reach out to me for a reading.

It is my purpose to help you understand who you are, so you can accept, appreciate, and love the divine, unique miracle that is you.

Check out the podcast through the link below...

The Weekly Transit Astrology Podcast

MONDAY, September 11

Mercury in Leo and Mars in Virgo

The Moon Conjunct Venus in Leo

The conjunction between the emotional Moon and charming Venus in expressive Leo spotlights your creative passions and affects.

This uniting of feminine celestial forces in the sign of romance and drama awakens your inner artist and lover.

You feel drawn to boldly express warmth, affection, and spontaneity now.

This is a time for courageously letting your light shine in creative arts, playful adventures, and acts of generosity.

Yet beware of excessive pride or self-centeredness - true confidence shines straight from the heart. Balance showmanship with dignity, theatricality with compassion.

In relationships, allow for both sincere romance and dedication to partners’ unique needs.

With insight and humor, you walk the line between dignified strength and lighthearted self-assurance. The path ahead reveals itself when you let loving kindness guide dramatic performances.

When: 9am – 3pm PDT

This period could be challenging for those born with key astrological points or planets in Taurus and Scorpio

TUESDAY, September 12

The Moon in Aries Square Pluto in Capricorn

The Moon in Leo Square Uranus Retrograde in Taurus

The tense square between the expressive Moon in Leo and unpredictable Uranus retrograde in Taurus can make your emotions flare erratically.

As your Moon seeks affection and attention, quirky Uranus may disrupt your plans or stability.

You may feel torn between sticking to routines versus following sudden creative urges.

Seek compromise - accommodate your desire for freedom without totally abandoning commitments. Expect the unexpected but avoid extremes.

In relationships, give loved ones space for their individuality.

Yet stay grounded in your sincere values too. With flexibility and insight into rebellious feelings, you can express yourself in renewed, inventive ways.

Let intuition guide you but refrain from impulsive decisions under Uranus’ unpredictable influence. By working with both energies, you find reliability through responsible self-determination. Your path ahead appears when you balance stability with timely innovation.

When: 5am – 11am PDT

This period could be challenging for those born with key astrological points or planets in Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius.

WEDNESDAY, September 13

The Sun in Cancer Square Chiron in Aries

The Moon Conjunct Mercury Retrograde in Virgo

The joining of the emotional Moon and the analytical Mercury retrograde in precise Virgo illuminates your inner realm through critical thinking and mindful adjustment of routines.

As the Moon dives deep into your feelings, Mercury’s backward turn through orderly Virgo helps you reassess and take inventory of your habits for improvement.

This incisive lunar aspect sharpens your discernment but can also heighten criticism if imbalanced. Temper analysis with compassion - tune into your emotional needs when editing unhealthy patterns.

Reflect on past experiences for insight but don’t overanalyze.

Adjust to make tangible progress, not perfection.

In conversations, balance empathy and logic. This transit of feeling and thought supports productive realignment through emotional intelligence. By blending care with practical details, you incrementally craft a life of purposeful meaning.

When: 12pm – 6pm PDT

This period could be challenging for those born with key astrological points or planets in Gemini and Sagittarius.

THURSDAY, September 14

The Moon in Gemini Sextile Mercury in Leo

The New Moon in Virgo

Virgo is the Mutable Earth Sign symbolized by the Virgin and ruled by Mercury, the planet of the conscious mind and communication.

The Four Cornerstones of Virgo are:

1. Details

2. Health

3. Diet

4. Service

Ask yourself, what you are putting into your body and how is it affecting your mind? What are you putting into your mind and how is it affecting your body? What are you doing from the moment you wake up, to the moment you go to sleep?

During the New Moon in Virgo set your intentions to ground into the details, improve upon your health, and create a diet that fuels your mind, so you can be of greater service to those around you.

Virgo rules the intestines, the organ that eliminates waste from the body.

During the New Moon in Virgo set your intentions to eliminate any part of your life that is creating stagnation, or dragging you down, so you can be more efficient in your daily routine.

If you are interested in learning how the Moon will be affecting you directly in the current lunar cycle, enroll in my Moon Cycle Classes.

When: 6:40pm PDT

This period could be challenging for those born with key astrological points or planets in Gemini and Sagittarius.

FRIDAY, September 15

The Sun in Cancer Sextile Uranus in Taurus

Mercury Direct in Virgo

As Mercury ends its retrograde through analytical Virgo, returning to direct motion, mental clarity starts to return regarding routine tasks, productivity, and communication.

The brain fog lifts, and plans put on hold while Mercury moved backwards can now move forward again. However, remnants of the retrograde may linger during Mercury’s “post-shadow” as it realigns to its normal velocity. So continue to allow some flexibility.

Use the clearer skies to integrate lessons learned during the retrograde rather than rushing into brand new initiatives.

Anchor ideas into practical application.

Fine-tune methods and skills, but defer launching major projects just yet.

Tie up loose ends on long standing issues. In conversations, practice active listening and patience as you articulate your thoughts.

Mercury stationing direct marks a threshold to utilize its sharp Virgoan discernment blended with empathy. By following a steady pace, you assimilate retrograde insights to create meaningful order and understanding.

When: August 3 - Mercury Enters Its Retrograde Shadow in Virgo 8°0’

August 23 - Mercury Retrograde in Virgo 21°51’

September 15 - Mercury Direct in Virgo 8°0’

September 29 - Mercury Exits its Retrograde Shadow in Virgo 21°51’

Mercury is at 8° in Virgo from September 11 – 19. Take is slow these days as we begin to ramp back up to Mercury’s normal transit speed.

Give yourself plenty of time to get to where you need to go and refrain from adding any new projects to your plate. Instead tie up loose ends and continue to organize your health and life in a way that provides efficiency in your daily flow.

This period could be challenging for those born with key astrological points or planets in Aries, Gemini, Libra and Sagittarius.


The Sun in Virgo Trine Uranus Retrograde in Taurus

The flowing trine aspect between the Sun in orderly Virgo and Uranus retrograde in grounded Taurus brings opportunities for constructive change to health routines, work projects and use of technology.

As your Sun shines its light on useful improvements, forming a harmony with Uranus’ ingenuity, you gain breakthroughs when you blend diligent effort with timely innovation.

Take care of necessities but allow space to experiment.

Research alternative methods but avoid extreme deviation from time-tested fundamentals.

Inventive ideas should aim at increased stability in the future, not just short-term thrills.

Embrace change that helps streamline systems and progressive visions for growth, while still building on a strong foundation. With patience and willingness to learn new tricks, you synthesize the best of tradition and change. Your path ahead appears brighter when you use this innovative yet pragmatic energy wisely.

When: September 13 - 16

This period could be challenging for those born with key astrological points or planets in Gemini, Leo, Sagittarius and Aquarius.

SATURDAY, September 16

The Moon in Cancer Sextile Mars in Virgo

Venus in Leo Square Jupiter Retrograde in Taurus

The tense square between expressive Venus in Leo and expansive Jupiter retrograde in Taurus can create conflicting desires between dramatic self-display versus building solid foundations.

Flamboyant Venus craves creativity and passion, while prudent Jupiter retrograde favors patience and practicality.

You may feel caught between showy extravagance and wise moderation.

To balance these energies, develop skills and talents with humble dedication, not to gain acclaim but for craftsmanship itself.

In relationships, provide reassurance through steadfast devotion, not grandiose gestures. Withstand urges for risky sensual overindulgence which may destabilize bonds built over time.

The path forward emerges when you blend colorful creative vision with pragmatic long-term planning. Let virtues of loyalty and generosity eclipse ego.

By working skillfully through this tension of style versus substance, you uncover rewards of lasting self-confidence.

When: September 14 – 18

This is the third time since June that Venus in Leo has squared off with Jupiter in Taurus. This alignment occurred most strongly on June 8 – 12 when Venus in Leo Squared Jupiter in Taurus, while both planets were direct.

It occurred for the second time between August 20 – 24 when Venus was Retrograde in Leo and formed a Square with Jupiter in Taurus, while Jupiter was direct.

Now Jupiter is retrograde and Venus is direct. Think back to these dates and reflect upon what was occurring in your close personal relationships. Think of this period as an opportunity to close the chapter on which began in June, persisted in August, and comes to fruition now.

This period could be challenging for those born with key astrological points or planets in Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius.

SUNDAY, September 17

The Moon in Cancer Sextile Uranus in Taurus

The Moon in Libra Opposite the North Node Retrograde in Aries

The Moon's transit through diplomatic Libra forming an opposition to the North Node in individualistic Aries highlights tension between pleasing others versus asserting your own needs.

You feel inclined to maintain harmony and keep the peace as the Moon merges with Libra's urge for balance.

However, this conflicts with the North Node's push towards confidence and independence. Try to integrate both sides - be tactful yet honest about your feelings, cooperative without compromising values.

In relationships, offer advice sensitively rather than prescribing solutions. Develop self-reliance and courage to speak up, but with consideration of different perspectives. Through this integration of graciousness and conviction, you find your calling. Let thoughtfulness guide bold action.

By working skillfully with this opposition, you discover your authority in fostering unity, not division.

When: 10am – 4pm PDT

This period could be challenging for those born with key astrological points or planets in Cancer and Capricorn.

If you are curious about how these planetary alignments are influencing you directly, please contact me for a reading. It is an honor and privilege for me to share this knowledge with you. Until then, and beyond, I wish you all the best as you ride the planetary waves.




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