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#156 April 3-9: The Full Moon in Libra and Mercury in Taurus


Ingrid and Scott celebrate as ‘The Basics of Astrology’ is now officially in the sickest crystal / metaphysical shop in Los Angeles, ⁠⁠Spellbound Sky⁠⁠⁠.

With the Full Moon in Libra and Mercury in Taurus this week, it is appropriate timing that Ingrid and Scott share their story of visiting this oasis of crystal beauty.

They share all about their fun experience at Spellbound, and celebrate their accomplishment of getting their book into this LA gem.

Values and authenticity are the themes of the week. Face your any insecurities you are feeling in your relationships.

Release any inauthentic tendencies within these relationships, or release any relationships that are inauthentic.

Establish your self-worth by communicating what you value.

In this episode Ingrid and Scott also mention the jewelry of ⁠Margaux Perrier⁠, ⁠Wax & Wane, and the book