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#132 October 17-23: The Sun and Venus in Scorpio


Scott shares a bit about his big move and then spills the tea all over the place about that one time he, Leonardo DiCaprio, and Cameron Diaz met Mick Jagger.

The theme of the week is closing the deal in your close personal relationships.

What you value, how you communicate what you value to your partners, and what you want from your relationships becomes bonded.

Find the balance before the bond is formed, so that moving forward you will feel lifted rather than drained by those you are bonded to.

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#132 The Sun and Venus in Scorpio

The themes this week are…

1. Relationships

2. Communication

3. Intimacy

The Sun and Venus close out the week in Scorpio. Before they do, find balance in your relationships.

In order to find this balance you must authentically communicate what you want from your lovers, friends, or business partners, and what you are willing to give in return.

Through this authentic communication you will hopefully gain the clarity necessary to make peace with your partners and forge a deeper bond.

If you are curious how these, or any other transits are affecting you directly, I encourage you to reach out to me for a reading.

Wishing you all the best through the week, as you ride the planetary waves!

MONDAY, October 17

The Sun in Libra Trine Mars in Gemini

What would you like to communicate in your close, personal relationships?

Do you have fears of expressing your thoughts?

Are you afraid to listen to what your partners have to say?

Are their questions you wish to ask your partners, but are afraid to ask?

Can you courageously ask the questions you have for your partners with grace?

Over these few days, gracefully start the conversation, and listen with courage.

The information you gather here is critical to create the balance you desire in your relationships.

When: October 15 – 19

TUESDAY, October 18

Venus in Libra Trine Mars in Gemini

Venus, the planet of relationships, fills the spot occupied by the Sun on Monday. It’s like the same note being played by a different instrument.

All of the questions posed on Monday, pertain to today, as well, but perhaps they are approached with a little more sensitivity.

Are you trusting your senses?

Are you acting upon what you five physical senses are communicating to you?

Any children being born during these few days are bound to be beautiful and highly coordinated.

Perhaps these few days are allowing you to feel a bit of that as well.

Embrace your curiosity.

Honor your senses.

Put your words into action with the objective of creating peace in your relationships.

When: October 16 – 20

WEDNESDAY, October 19

Mercury in Libra Opposite Chiron Retrograde in Aries

Mercury is the Planet of Consciousness.

Libra is the Sign of Relationships.

Chiron is the Wound and Ancient Wisdom.

Aries is the Sign of Courage.

The alignment between these two heavenly bodies in these two astral locations is encouraging you to face your fears with regards to relationships.

Ask the questions you been fearful to ask.

Approach these conversations with peace.

These two questions were posed a week ago when Mercury in Libra opposed Jupiter in Aries.

You are receiving a reminder to refresh their frequencies again today.

What have you been wanting to share in your relationships, that you have been fearful to bring up?

Are you willing to be authentic, as well as eloquent in sharing your thoughts with your partners?

Facing your fears will allow you to unlock ancient wisdom of what it means to be brave.

When: October 18 – 20

THURSDAY, October 20

The Sun Conjunct Venus in Libra Square the Moon in Leo In-Conjunct Pluto Retrograde in Capricorn Square the Sun Conjunct Venus in Libra

The next four days we will be highlighting the Sun’s Conjunction with Venus. Though they have been conjunct for several days, these next four are when the conjunction is strongest.

Today, the Moon in Leo moves into alignment with the Sun and Venus in Libra, while all three also connect with Pluto in Capricorn.

Are you opening your heart in your close, personal relationships?

Are you willing to change in your close, personal relationships?

In what ways can you transform your close, personal relationships, through opening your heart?

What are your relationship goals?

Do your relationship goals resonate in your heart?

Can you be bold, yet graceful in expressing what you want from your relationships?

Are you willing to take responsibility for what your partners are requiring of you, in order to receive what you want?

Be true to your heart, hold your partner accountable for what they have agreed upon to satisfy your heart.

Take responsibility for what is required on your part to fulfill the desire of your partner’s heart.


The transit between the Sun and Venus lasts from October 11 – November 1.

The transit between the Sun, Venus and Pluto lasts from October 18 – 22.

The transit between the Moon, the Sun Venus and Pluto lasts from 12:00am – 6:00am PDT

FRIDAY, October 21