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#125 August 29-September 4: Venus in Virgo


Thank the Heavens, Ingrid has emerged from her black hole and is now basking in the light. It was a rough couple of weeks mentally for Ingrid, and by proxy, Scott, but in order to grow there are sometimes growing pains. This week we highlight Mars moving into its retrograde shadow and Venus moving into Virgo. Time to analyze and organize your relationships. Eliminate any relationship frequencies that are holding you back. There are only so many people you can really interact with on a regular basis in your life. Focus on the ones that serving you, and appreciating what you bring to the table.

The themes this week are…

1. Communication

2. Values

3. Efficiency

Last week the Sun moved into Virgo. This week it is Venus. The theme here is efficiency, not only in life, but in your relationships.

The key to finding an efficient flow in relationship and in life is to communicate your values to those around you.

Mars moves into its Retrograde Shadow beginning a six-and-a-half-month period of potential confusion.

You may find yourself going one way, only to change your mind and go an opposite direction. Followed by returning to your original direction.

This is why it is important to be clear of what you value. Communicate those values to those around you, in order to hone in on the details necessary to keep your life coherent instead of chaotic.

If you are curious how these, or any other transits are affecting you directly, I encourage you to reach out to me for a reading.

Wishing you all the best through the week, as you ride the planetary waves!

MONDAY, August 29

The Moon Conjunct Mercury in Libra

How can you communicate your emotions gracefully?

Are you being fair in your emotional expression?

Are you communicating your emotions with grace in your close, personal relationships?

How can you be more diplomatic in your emotional communication?

Is the expression of your emotions fair in your close, personal relationships?

Are you allowing space for those you in relationship with to communicate their emotions?

When: 6:00am – 12:00pm PDT

TUESDAY, August 30

The Moon in Libra Sextile Venus in Leo

How can you express what is in your heart gracefully from the depths of your emotions in your close, personal relationships?

Are you being bold, yet graceful in your emotional expression?

Is your heart open as you express your emotions in your close, personal relationships?

When: 8:00pm (8/30) – 2:00am (8/31)PDT

WEDNESDAY, August 31

The Moon in Scorpio In-Conjunct Mars in Gemini

The Moon in Scorpio In-Conjunct Jupiter Retrograde in Aries

Mars in Gemini Sextile Jupiter Retrograde in Aries

What are you hiding from in your deepest bonds?

Is there something within your deepest bonds that you are curious about yet fearful to explore?

In what ways are you putting your words into action?

Are you driven in moving toward the possibilities that can deepen your bonds?

When: 7:00pm (8/31) – 1:00am (9/1)PDT

THURSDAY, September 1

The Moon in Scorpio Opposite the North Node in Taurus

Do those you are bonded with share, honor, or respect your values?

In what ways do your deepest bonded relationships reflect your self-worth?

Do your material surroundings reflect the self-worth you desire for yourself?

When: 10:00am – 4:00pm

FRIDAY, September 2

Mercury in Libra Opposite Jupiter Retrograde in Aries

Are you being honest, open and graceful in your communication?

Are you speaking from a place of authenticity?

Do you have the courage to allow those you are in relationship with speak to you, especially if there is a difference of opinion?

Is your communication just and fair?

How can you bring peace through listening actively, and speaking courageously?

When: August 31 – September 5

SATURDAY, September 3

Mars Enters its Retrograde Shadow

Take note of where you are in life.

What are you driving towards?

What is motivating you in life?

What areas of life are you most curious about taking steps to explore?

The challenge of Mars in Gemini is focus.

Be open to the duality.

Try new things, while at the same time remaining clear on your objectives.

There is the possibility that by the end of this transit you may feel like you have failed to accomplish what you were truly working towards.

Give yourself plenty of time and space to travel, commute, experience all sides of a situation, and learn a little about a lot.

Prepare for setbacks. That doesn’t mean to expect them, but if they happen, be ready, just in case.

You are meant to experience the duality of life during this retrograde transit.

Better to find yourself at the top of the pendulum, instead of swinging dramatically from high to low, and from low to high, again and again.


Retrograde Shadow: September 3, 2022 at 8°07’

Retrograde: October 30, 2022 at 25°36’

End of Retrograde: January 12, 2023 at 8°07’

Retrograde Shadow: March 15, 2023 at 25°36’

SUNDAY, September 4

Venus in Virgo

How are your relationships serving you?

How are you serving those you are in relationship with?

What relationships are worth the work they require?

Are you being critical of yourself with regards to those you are in relationship with?

Are you overly critical with your lovers, friends and business partners?

What areas of your relationships would you like to organize?

Analyze your relationships in order to find a greater efficiency with life.

Those who bring you into chaos may need to be eliminated from your daily diet.

Those who ease your body and Soul should be scheduled in more frequently.

Think back to the last time Venus was in Virgo for clues on what could be in store for you this time around.

For those born with key astrological points or planets in Gemini and Sagittarius, be mindful that you may experience challenges in your relationships. Do your best to show yourself and those you are in relationship with patience and compassion.


This Time: September 4 - 29, 2022

Last Time: July 21 - August 15, 2021

If you are curious about how these planetary alignments are influencing you directly, please contact me for a reading. It is an honor and privilege for me to share this knowledge with you. Until then I wish you all the best as you ride the planetary waves.




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