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#125 August 29-September 4: Venus in Virgo


Thank the Heavens, Ingrid has emerged from her black hole and is now basking in the light. It was a rough couple of weeks mentally for Ingrid, and by proxy, Scott, but in order to grow there are sometimes growing pains. This week we highlight Mars moving into its retrograde shadow and Venus moving into Virgo. Time to analyze and organize your relationships. Eliminate any relationship frequencies that are holding you back. There are only so many people you can really interact with on a regular basis in your life. Focus on the ones that serving you, and appreciating what you bring to the table.

#125 August 28-September 4: Venus in Virgo

The themes this week are…

1. Communication

2. Values

3. Efficiency

Last week the Sun moved into Virgo. This week it is Venus. The theme here is efficiency, not only in life, but in your relationships.

The key to finding an efficient flow in relationship and in life is to communicate your values to those around you.

Mars moves into its Retrograde Shadow beginning a six-and-a-half-month period of potential confusion.