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#124 August 22-28: The New Moon in Virgo and Mercury in Libra


Ingrid and Scott get deep about her latest meltdown regarding her work and domestic partnerships, while the Sun begins transit into Virgo helping create an analytical perspective on life. Venus continues transit through Leo encouraging you to open your heart, while Uranus and the North Node in Taurus challenge your self-worth. The New Moon in Virgo helps you break down what’s not working and rebuild your life, one detail at a time, to create a more efficient way to live which helps you support not only yourself, but those around you.

#124 August 22-28: The New Moon in Virgo and Mercury in Libra

The themes this week are…

1. Organization

2. Open-Heart

3. Grace

The Sun moves into Virgo, and the New Moon in Virgo highlight the week bringing attention to organization, so you can become more efficient in your life.

Once you have become more efficient you will have the ability to be of greater service to those around you.

Venus in Leo shows up in key alignments four days this week, urging you to open your heart, especially in your close, personal relationships.

In order to get organized, so you can be more efficient you need the support of those you are in partnership with.

If you are refraining from expressing what is in your heart with your lovers, friends, or business partners, they will not know how to help you.

It is your responsibility to make your needs known and to create the space for those you are in partnership with to make their needs known to you.

With Mercury beginning transit through Libra, you are being supported to communicate your needs gracefully.

Find the balance in your relationships. Both sides must be giving what is equal or fair to each other.

Following these frequencies will hopefully give you everything you need to bring greater efficiency in your structure to support you in your life.

If you are curious how these, or any other transits are affecting you directly, I encourage you to reach out to me for a reading.

Wishing you all the best through the week, as you ride the planetary waves!

MONDAY, August 22

The Sun in Virgo

What’s the status of your daily routine, your health, diet and job?

Where can you get more organized in your life?

Where would you like to be more efficient?

Analyze your daily routine so you can be more organized and efficient.

Create a structure supported by a schedule that provides time for a healthy diet that will support you in your work, so you can be of greater service to those around you.

Remove the habits of your daily life that are no longer serving you.

If you are being hard on or critical of yourself, give yourself a break.

Beating yourself up is not the answer to supporting you towards improvement.

Everyone can improve in some areas of their life. What’s yours?

When: August 22 – September 22 (Every Year)

Think back on these dates in years past, for clues on what could be in store for you this time around.

For those born with key astrological points in Gemini and Sagittarius, there could be challenges. Be patient with yourself and give yourself the space to be compassionate for when things are not going your way.


Mercury in Virgo Trine Pluto Retrograde in Capricorn

What would you like to change about your daily routine, your health, your diet, your exercise regimen?

What can you improve on in these areas in order to support you in stepping into your power as an authority?

Are you speaking to other (and yourself) from a place of authority, or are you putting others (and yourself) down because you are disappointed in yourself, and unwilling to take responsibility for how you can improve in life?

When: August 21 – 23

TUESDAY, August 23

The Moon in Cancer Sextile the North Node Retrograde in Taurus

What do you value the most about your home life?

What do you value about your roots, upbringing, past, the ones who raised you, and your ancestors?

How can you nurture yourself in a way that supports you in securing everything you need within the material realm?

When: 12:00am – 6:00am PDT

WEDNESDAY, August 24

Uranus Retrograde in Taurus

What is unique about your values, your likes and dislikes?

What are you doing to secure your financial independence?

In what ways have you shaken up your material surroundings?

Ponder these questions as you think back to the dates listed below from the past.

What parts of your life have felt the most unstable?

What has this instability done to your self-reflection, self-worth and values?

Focus in on the dates ahead.

Where would you like have greater stability in your life?

How can claiming your independence bring you the stability you desire?


Retrograde Shadow: May 7, 2022 at 14°56’

Retrograde: August 24, 2022 at 18°55’

End of Retrograde: January 22, 2023 at 14°56’

Retrograde Shadow: March 9, 2023 at 18°55’


Venus in Leo Trine Chiron Retrograde in Aries

Is your heart open in your close personal relationships?

What parts of your heart are you fearful of showing to those you are closest to?

How can you face your relationship fears and be more courageous?

What is holding you back from roaring in your relationships?

When: August 23 - 25

THURSDAY, August 25

Mercury in Libra

How can you be more graceful in your communication?

Are your thoughts and words bringing peace, or inciting war?

What areas of your life could you be more diplomatic?

Are you making an effort to bring harmony to your relationships?

Do your words bring fairness to the conversation?


This Time: August 25 - September 23, 2022 and

October 10 - 29, 2022

Last Time: August 29 - November 5, 2021


Venus in Leo Square the North Node Retrograde in Taurus

What do you value the most about your close, personal relationships?

Do your values reflect what is in your heart, or are you selling yourself short in these areas?

Are your relationships fun?

Do your relationships bring you joy?

How can you be more playful in your relationships?

When: August 24 – 26

FRIDAY, August 26

The Sun in Virgo Square Mars in Gemini

What ideas are getting in the way of reorganizing your daily routine?

What areas of your life feel most scattered?

Where are you feeling disorganized in life?

What areas of your life are causing you the most frustration?

Pay attention to the tension.

Wherever you are feeling tension is where you are meant to focus your energy.

Make a list of what needs to get done and reorganize.

There will be challenges over these days, but the challenges are meant to drive you towards efficiency.